Avocado - The Blood Pressure Superfood

High blood pressure affects 31.3% of adults in America. For whatever reason, a high percentage of Americans also think that avocados are bad for them (Ok, so we don’t have the exact statistic on that!) While avocados are fatty, they contain high levels of healthy fats, which are excellent for reducing cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 

Avocados are super high in fiber – just half a cup of avocado contains 5 grams of fiber! Research has shown that upping your intake of dietary fiber could help reduce high blood pressure. 
Avocados also contain a high level of monounsaturated fat, and when your diet is high in monounsaturated fats and low in refined carbohydrates, your blood pressure reaches more normal levels. 
Finally, avocados are high in potassium, another marker of good heart health. Potassium works with sodium to maintain the balance necessary for blood pressure regulation. In addition, potassium helps facilitate electrical signals to all parts of the body, increasing blood flow and, therefore, reducing blood pressure levels. 
So, if you’ve got high blood pressure, don’t skimp on the avocado! Add half an avocado to thicken up your daily NutriBlast recipe and watch how your heart thanks you!