Fat Burning Boost Blast


Coconut Water to MAX LINE

Boost your metabolism with this fruity and sweet NutriBlast recipe, with a special kick from our Superfood Fat Burning Boost, a mix of all natural, organic ingredients shown to help increase metabolic rates and weight loss. It's tasty, too, so lose weight and enjoy doing it. Cheers!


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on this blast can I add the Whey protein and flax seeds even with this super food fat burning boost?


Yup, go ahead!

can I use frozen berries on this blast? and also almond milk instead coconut water?


Sounds like great swaps!

Could I use Baby Kale or Curly Kale for this recipe and still get very similar nutritional benefits?



Can I drink it every day? How many weeks? Thanks


It is available in a 30 day supply. You can use 1 serving per day for the whole month. I always suggest switching things up a bit after the month, so you can decrease the use or try a different blend for the next month.

I was wondering where I can purchase this fat burning boost? I tried to purchase it from this site but you guys do not ship to my area in Ontario Canada. Your response is greatly appreciated :) Thanks.


We do not currently ship this product or sell this product in Cananda. We are working on getting it approved to be sold in Canada, so keep checking back.

How would you describe the taste of this? Thx

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