Ginger Kale


½ Tall Cup Kale
1 inch Ginger
Water to MAX LINE

Eliminating toxins taken in from the environment is key to maintaining a healthy body. Drink antioxidant-rich foods in your NutriBlasts and supercharge your health by protecting your liver and kidneys from free radicals with ingredients like kale, ginger, and yes, even apples, which contain antioxidants which may prevent the growth of cancer cells in the bowel and liver. 


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1 Apple
1 Celery stalk cut into chunks
1/2 Cucumber
1/2 cup Kale
1/4 Lemon peeled
Inch of Ginger
Sweeten it with some pineapple chunks and that is the ultimate Detox
I do 7 days of nothing but this 6 per day then I go to 2 per day with 2 protein bars in between and a dinner no more then 500 calories. I lose about 25 Lbs in approx 3 wks and puts me rite back on track for healthy eating. When I gain weight back due to poor eating habits this is my go to NutraBullet Blast detox works every time


Thank you for sharing your experience. I just want to advise that while this may work for you, this is not the best plan for everyone. Rapid weight loss is often hard on the body and not sustainable. I would suggest starting with slow changes, maybe replace one meal per day with your favorite Blast recipe, cut back on alcohol and sweets and drink more water. Small easy changes will provide greater, long lasting results.

You can add water, but I like to add coconut water for the electrolytes

I do this about once a yr usually lasting 3-4 mo of very healthy eating, then I slack off, we're only human

how long can I keep ginger in my refrig?

Like 6-7 days

Like 6-7 days

It doesn't taste that great, but it is super super healthy!!

Pardon my question but this is to drink for how long??

Absolutely loved this, simple and an amazing start to the day.

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