Sweet Berry Blast


1 handful Spinach
1 tbsp. Almonds
Almond Milk to MAX LINE

Berries are one of the best fruits for diabetics - colorful, full of antioxdiants and naturally sweet-tasting while still low in sugar, they make for a great Blast that's excellent for diabetics. Add a little organic, unsweetened greek yogurt for a zing that will also help you lose weight - greek yogurt is packed with protein and will help keep you feeling fuller, longer.


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Don't like Greek yogurt, can I use plain vanilla yogurt instead?


Yes you can, just check the ingredients, make sure there isn't a ton of added sugar.

are the recipes for 1 serving

Hello, I was wondering if I could substitute the almond milk for water?



I have never had almond milk, does it taste like almonds? I prefer 1% milk, can it be used in place of almond milk?


The 1 percent milk is full of antibiotics and hormones and therefore is not healthy for your nutriblasts. Where as almond milk is healthy. I make my own. Very easy and only takes 5 minutes.


The 1 percent milk is full of antibiotics and hormones and therefore is not healthy for your nutriblasts. Where as almond milk is healthy. I make my own. Very easy and only takes 5 minutes.

Good morning I need loss weigh this is good for me

Good morning I need loss weigh this is goog for me

I'm going for this blast in the am!

I love this one,but I wonder,can I omit the Greek yogourt and add the ,chia seeds and hemp seeds instead? Would 1/2 avocado be fine in it?and still be fir weight loss?

I dont want or need to lose weight, what are some options for diabetics that do not have a weight problem, just the opposite?

You guys are awesome . You answer my questions so fast. Thank you

If I check my sugar before I drink the blast. How long after I drink it should I check my sugar, to see the effect of the blast on my sugar? What would be a good range.? It absorbs differently that food.


2 hours is the best time for all blood sugar checks no matter what u eat or drink.


I would aim to drink your Blast in 10 minutes, then check your blood sugar 20 minutes after you finish and then again 2 hours after you finish your Blast. It should be less than 140 2 hours after a meal if you do not have diabetes and less than 180 2 hours after a meal if you diabetic. That would be a great way to see how its affecting your body. It will also be beneficial with the 20 minute measure to compare that to different Blasts you drink and how they effect your blood sugar 20 minutes after a meal.

Can I use frozen blueberries? I am making two blast in the morning and the little pints don't go far, also can I use vanilla Greek yogurt.


Yes you can use frozen berries. Let them thaw for at least 3 minutes before you use the nutribullet. You can also use them in the dessert bullet. You can use the vanilla Greek yogurt. Just watch the sugar content. All sugar is fungus and causes all health problems.


I prefer frozen blueberries, makes the Blast colder. You can use vanilla greek yogurt, just watch out for added sugar. They usually add a lot of sugar into greek yogurt, plain is always better.

You can use either 0%, or 2% Fage plain Greek yogurt. A LOT less sugar than most other plain Greek yogurts. Had this today. Absolutely delish!

How much calories are in one serving of this blast?


About 260 calories.

Will adding seeds or nuts to this smoothie hinder the taste (sweetness)?


Most likely no, it will make the texture creamier.

Ok thanks.

This berry blast is so far my favorite.

Do you add any additions to this smoothie or just what it states, how is the sweetness to this?

Hi everybody,I am new to the nutri-living and just wondering if I can eat food while I drink any of these drinks or do I drink them as a meal.

thanks im new to this sit and im diabetic thanks again

I am so excited to find out that the Berry
Blast is good for my diabetes! I look forward to finding out more fruits that are low in sugar to make more blasts that are diabetic friendly!


The phase 1 diet foods shows you exactly what fruits are the lowest in sugar. You can use the fruits in your Nutriblasts. This diet gets rid of fungus and will heal whatever health problems you have. You can learn all about this on Doug Kaufman's program.
A wonderful program and very helpful

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