Get up and Goji!

Power up with this antioxidant rich flavor extravaganza. Low in calories and high in vitamin C, you'll be ridding your body of toxins and boosting your immune system strength. And don't forget the lycopene in watermelon - it's another powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage. 

Beet the Competition

Studies have shown beets are not only packed with vitamins and minerals excellent for health in the average person, but they help boost running performance as well.

Rhubarb Renegade

Rebel against your regularly all-raw NutriBlasts and roast your rhubarb before extracting. Though you’ll feel a little wild, you’ll actually be boosting the red fruit’s nutrient content. It’s good to be bad sometimes, isn’t it?

Whirled Peas

Create a tummy utopia with this sweet, creamy springtime NutriBlast! Spinach is a mild green that helps lower blood pressure and contains cancer-fighting phytonutrients. Green peas, a less than common NutriBlast ingredient, are packed with protein, helping lower cholesterol and iron and vitamin C, helping maintain your immune system. What's better this spring than better health? 


Cool off with this refreshing post-run elixer. It’s fresh, it’s sweet, and just a tad salty to replenish lost electrolytes and get you back up and running!

Mediterranean Diet Blast

Mediterranean diets are all the rage right now, and rightly so! New research has astounded scientists as a diet rich in whole foods, plants, extra virgin olive oil, and nuts has been shown to have the same effect on those who are at high risk for stroke and other cardiovascular disease as medications do. 

Staying Power

Unfortunately, aging can affect everything from our physical appearance - think wrinkles and weight loss - to our internal health. As we age, we must make sure to continue to feed our bodies healthy foods that not only keep us looking young and strong, but feeling young and strong, too. We need Staying Power!

Green Machine

This green machine is packed with chlorophyll, which helps the liver rid the body of harmful dietary and environmental toxins, including pesticides, heavy metals, smog, and herbicides. A diuretic, celery  is especially beneficial to the kidneys, lowering uric acid levels in the blood and reducing an individual's risk of developing kidney stones.

Inflammation Relief

Foods with high levels of flavonoids, like spinach and blueberries, are great at reducing inflammation. They also happen to be rich in antioxidants, helping detoxify your body all while reducing the pain associated with inflammation. Natural anti-inflammatory pineapple also makes an appearance, adding bromelain (another inflammation fighter) to the mix. 


Low glycemic powerhouses blueberries and strawberries combine to create a sweet Blast perfect for diabetics trying to manage their blood sugar levels. Try this for a sweet treat that tastes like a regular berry shake. Delicious!