Energy Boost

Looking for that energy boost, but trying to kick caffeine to the curb? The delicious flavor and jam-packed electrolytes in this Blast will give you the energy your body needs with a taste you'll enjoy. Try it and let us know what you think.

Shake Up that Appetite

Keeping up your appetite can be difficult the older you get. Chewing difficulties and digestion issues common with age often keep folks from eating properly and ingesting an adequate number of calories throughout the day. No worries, NutriBullet's here to help! Try this Blast to add some substantial and healthy calories to your diet when you just don't quite feel like eating.


Strange textures can often make difficulty swallowing worse. If you're low on energy, try this recipe, which not only goes down smooth, but reminds you of those childhood PB&J sandwiches - with a NutriBlast kick. 

Berry Rice Rejuvenator

Feel young again with this rejuvenating Blast! Hearty and filling, the cooked rice and berry mix is not only full of antioxidants and fiber, but it will help give you the energy boost you've been looking for. 

Sunrise and Shine!

This thin, sweet morning drink will wake you up and keep you going - without any added digestive strain. Delicious fruits and coconut milk add up to a few more calories than a usual NutriBlast, making it the perfect mix for elderly folks who, research shows, don't benefit from overly restrictive dieting. 

Magnesium Dessert Blast

Think healthy food has to taste bad? We don't! Try this recipe and tell us what you think - sweet (and magnesium-rich) banana, cacao powder, and avocado combine together in a perfectly healthy dessert Blast. 

Magnesium Mania

Macromineral magnesium helps strengthen almost every system in your body. All in all, it's responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions, helping bones, tissues, organs, blood, and cells perform their functions. Enrich your diet by including more magnesium - starting with this NutriBlast!

Life Boost Blast

Start your day off with a Blast of the calcium and magnesium found in this recipe. Flax seeds, goji berries, and kale combine to form an antioxidant powerhouse and the handful of strawberries and peach give it the sweet taste your tastebuds crave. 

Lemon Rescue

The citrus and coconut in this recipe make for not just a delicious Blast, but one that helps boost your immune system's cold-fighting power! Ginger is also great for your immune system and makes a delicous addition to any Blast - but remember, it's a strong, and overpowering flavor, so a little goes a long way. 

Veggie-licious Protein Blast

Looking for a high protein snack, low in sugar and calories? Try this mostly veggie Blast on for size. Add your favorite fruit for that sweet touch if your tastebuds need it, but try sticking to the script. It's great for weight loss and will give you that kick of energy your body needs.