Holiday Detox Blast

Now that the holidays are over and all of the houseguests are gone, it’s time to start getting back on track. This means getting back to the normal routine - fruits, vegetables and lots of exercise. In other words, it’s time to begin my “holiday detox.” There is always the same nagging question though, what do I do with all the cakes and cookies?

Vita-Berry Blast

From Phase 1 of our Transformation Plan, the ingredients in this Blast help ward off cancer, heart disease, and viruses with a sweet and tasty Blast of flavonoids. 

Swiss Mix

This flavor-packed mix comes straight out of Phase 3 of the NutriBullet Transformation Plan. With a health-pumping boost and rick in antioxidants, this Blast, like the rest in Phase 3, will help strengthen your immune system and cardiovascular system. 

Almond Seed Fruit Bars

I’m a snacking type of person. I'd rather “nosh” all day than sit and have three large meals. Large meals make me feel sluggish in a way that snacks don't. I also have a sweet tooth. Here is a great almond seed fruit bar recipe that will satisfy hunger and push away the sugar demons. The original recipe is courtesy of NutriBullet.


Making sure that your liver and kidneys are functioning properly is key to detoxing your body, so drink this NutriBlast to detoxify and cleanse your system, from the inside out. It's a simple recipe, but includes some powerhouse ingredients: celery is celebrated as a diuretic, citrus is rich in vitamin C, and the antioxidants in apples may help ward off cancer. 

Ginger Kale

Eliminating toxins taken in from the environment is key to maintaining a healthy body. Drink antioxidant-rich foods in your NutriBlasts and supercharge your health by protecting your liver and kidneys from free radicals with ingredients like kale, ginger, and yes, even apples, which contain antioxidants which may prevent the growth of cancer cells in the bowel and liver. 

Berry Bone Builder

Looking to build your skeletal strengh? Then be sure to Blast foods high in magnesium, including wheat bran, cashews, spinach, almonds, and cacao. Like calcium, magnesium is stored in bone, contributes to skeletal strength, and is released from the bones by osteoclast breakdown into the blood stream to assist other bodily functions.

Mind Feeder

If you want to Blast for brain health, then try this concoction, which includes spinach, high in B-vitmains, and almonds and sunflower seeds, high in vitamins A and E, specifically shown to prevent the accumulation of free radicals in the brain. 

Beautifully Rawlicious

Did you know that raw, whole foods are excellent for your looks? Without the antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals abundantly found in raw foods, many ordinary biological processes, including regenerating aging skin cells, cannot take place. Give this rawlicious NutriBlast recipe a try and look as young as you feel!

Sipping Pretty NutriBlast

Beautify from the inside out with this Sipping Pretty NutriBlast. Goji berries are one of the most antioxidant and nutrient-rich berries on the planet and raw cacao is a rich source of beautifying minerals magnesium, calcium, and iron. Not only that, but this Blast makes for a sweet dessert. Give it a try!