Veggie Delight

Brought to you by blogger Shari Pack, this recipe is an almost entirely veggie Blast with a hint of pomegranate fruit for added sweetness and tartness. It's also got superfoods chia, goji and maca, for weight management, antioxidant goodness and reproductive health. 

Papaya Ginger Blast

Papaya is a tropical fruit that’s low in calories and high in vitamins. Ginger adds a little zing of flavor and is known as a great anti-inflammatory. It’s great for nausea and headaches, too. Together this combination is refreshing and creates the perfect drink to have anytime you need to unwind and relax.

Super Greens Detox Blast

With hydrating cucumber, energizing beet and a dash of our detoxifying SuperFood SuperGreens, this recipe will superboost your body's detoxifying powers, helping you feel lean and clean and ready to face the day!

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Blast

This is a delicious Blast that's perfect for breakfast! Packed with a healthy dose of protein and fiber from the oats and helpful detoxifying vitamins from our SuperFood SuperGreens, it's a tasty mix that's sure to be one of your favorites.

Garden Party

If you're looking for a fresh, detoxifying Blast that will boost your body's immune system strength, look no further! Packed with greens and the vitamins your body needs, this Blast is sure to get your garden party started! Add a pinch of paprika or a tiny bit of fresh jalapeño pepper for a spicy kick!

Cool Cucumber Blast

The weather's warm, but you'll be cool as a cucumber with this refreshing, summer Blast! Hydrating and packed with antioxidants thanks to watermelon (and the lycopene it contains), your body will thank you for this special treat.Give it a try!

Peaches and Cream Workout Blast

Peaches and cream is a classic combination - and this healthy, post-workout fitness Blast is as good as any peaches and cream recipe you'll find!Drink it right after your workout for a protein boost that will keep you energized, even after an intense workout.

A Classic NutriBlast

This recipe by our very own Shari Pack is a NutriBullet favorite! Simple and tasty, it's perfect for those just starting to Blast or for seasoned veterans, alike. Try it today! What would you add for that personal touch? 

The Ultimate Fitness Blast!

Looking for the perfect drink to maximize your workout? Look no further, this is it!Easy to make, tasty and packed with protein, this is the ultimate fitness Blast that will help get you through your next tough workout, while also helping your muscles recover. 

Watermelon Cooler

It's not officially summer until you've made your first watermelon Blast! Get summer started off right with this delicious, light and fresh concoction that's limey and sweet, perfect for those poolside days or bedside nights.Tell us how you like it!