Cayenne Weight Loss Blast

This spicy little treat probably doesn't taste like any smoothie you've had before!Cayenne pepper kicks it up a notch, boosting your metabolism and potentially helping you burn more calories. Low glycemic mixed berries add sweet flavor without the sugar and chia seeds help stave off hunger - the perfect combination for those looking to lose or maintain their weight. 

Anemia-Fighting Blast

Anemia is one of the most common blood disorders, usually caused by a deficiency of iron or vitamin B12, or other factors, such as disease, aging, or certain medications. Luckily, there are a ton of whole foods out there that can help restore the vitamins your body is missing and get rid of the lethargy often brought on by this condition.

Chocolate Banana Dream

Don't feel guilty about drinking this Blast! Cacao is high in antioxidants, helping boost your metabolism and banana adds a delicious creaminess that also adds fiber and potassium to your daily diet. This delicious concoction also serves as a perfect post-dinner dessert or mid-afternoon snack. What could be better? 

Pink Power Blast

This bright pink Blast will get your internal systems revving with all natural, tasty whole foods! 

Super Green Wheatgrass Detox Blast

Clean your system with this detoxing recipe that also includes fresh wheatgrass - an ingredient most regular blenders can't handle!Use your NutriBullet to extract all the nutrition it contains locked away: tons of vitamins, including high concentrations of vitamins A and C, all the essential amino acids, and lots of protein, helping to cleanse your body from head to toe!

Sweet Detox Blast

This sweet, tropical green Blast will leave your body feeling full and refreshed, all while helping you detox! 

Inflammation Blast

Whether it's the onset of arthritis, or you simply picked up something the wrong way, inflammation can rear its ugly head in a number of different forms.

Green Detox Blast

A little refreshing jicama, some creamy avocado, and a punch of cilantro make this detox Blast an instant favorite. Cilantro has been studied for it's purifying effects and is high in B vitamins.

Apple Lemon Blast

Are you one of those unlucky souls who gets sick anytime the weather changes? Well, we're here to help you through it! This Blast is chock-full of vitamin C and fiber and it'll keep you hydrated when you need it most, especially now that the seasons are changing. Let's drink to that!