SuperFood Energy Boost

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Supercharge your energy!

Super boost your energy with this unique blend of superfoods – guayusa, hemp, chia, green tea, beet root and maca. The SuperFood Energy Boost provides all-natural, long-lasting, sustainable energy, so whether you are prepping for a workout, recovering from a sleepless night or simply hitting an afternoon slump – this is the formula for you!

The SuperFood Energy Boost’s delicious flavor includes organic beetroot powder, shown to aid efficient energy production, while the energizing guayusa and green tea have been shown to help increase labor capacity and reduce fatigue. Chia and maca were used by Aztec warriors and Spanish royalty as energy and endurance fuel for hundreds of years, while consuming hemp protein can help to stabilize swings in normal blood sugar – putting a stop to dips in energy.

So, whether you are looking to pump up your workout or you just feel like you don’t have the energy to make it through the day, this SuperFood Energy Boost is just what you need to put some all-natural pep in your step. Say goodbye to fatigue and enjoy increased vigor and vitality the fast and healthy way by adding a scoop of SuperFood Energy Boost to your favorite NutriBlast recipe today!

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