SuperFood Fat Burning Boost

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Supercharge your weight loss!

Super boost your fat-burning results with this unique blend of superfoods. Superfood Fat Burning Boost’s premium quality, pure, organic ingredients have been shown to assist your body’s natural ability to burn fat.

This delicious blend includes green tea, which in the right amounts has been shown to stimulate the body to help burn more calories and decrease body fat. It also includes magnesium-rich cacao and fresh cinnamon, which can help balance normal blood sugar and insulin levels - helping put a halt to nasty sugar cravings – and chia seeds, which can absorb up to 9 times their weight in water, filling you up, without filling you out. Plus, we top off the SuperFood Fat Burning Boost formula with ginger, which in the right amounts has been shown to act as a metabolic activator – that helps improve fat burning.

So turn on your fat-burning furnace by adding a scoop of SuperFood Fat Burning Boost to your favorite NutriBlast recipe today. Combined with an overall healthy diet and exercise, Superfood Fat Burning Boost can help you lose weight the fast and healthy way!

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