The #1 Cause of Neurological Damage

The #1 Cause of Neurological Damage

Strokes are one of the leading causes of death nationwide. They're also the number 1 cause of neurological damage. Strokes occur when the brain does not receive enough blood. This results in a swift and possibly permanent loss of brain function. Strokes can develop when blood vessels leading to the brain become blocked, or when blood vessels within the brain rupture. Clogged arteries, blood clots, or head trauma can be responsible for this interruption of normal blood flow. Suffering from a stroke may lead to hearing loss, paralysis, loss of speaking ability, or death, if not treated immediately.

Though strokes occur in the brain, they are also a disorder of the circulatory system.

Abstaining from all tobacco products, getting plenty of exercise, and perhaps most importantly, eating a healthful, nutrient-dense diet can help to prevent future heart troubles and reverse problems like high cholesterol and high blood pressure that can lead to heart attacks, heart failure, and stroke.

Just one NutriBlast a day can pack more than a day's worth of cholestoral-fighting, plaque-clearing vitamins and minerals to keep your ticker ticking for years to come!

What ingredients are the best at keeping high cholesterol at bay? Onion and garlic are excellent at helping heal the cardiovascular system, which control blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Carrots also lower cholesterol by literally drawing it out of the bloodstream. Finally, try adding cacao beans or nibs to your NutriBlast. Raw cacao has been shown to not only have the highest antioxidant level of any food in the world, but it also oxygenates the blood, healing the circulatory system and reducing your chances of stroke.

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