140 Pounds Down!

140 Pounds Down!

My name is Shane, I am a 40-year-old father of 3 and the grandparent of a 2 1/2-year-old girl and this is my story. After getting married 20 years ago, my weight steadily went up. After reaching 354 pounds, I knew something needed to change; I needed to be here for my family!

I asked for advice from a good friend who is really into fitness and he said the healthiest thing he had ever bought was a NutriBullet. I bought one and the BEST thing I ever did was listen to him!

It has been 1 year and 5 months and I still have a Blast every morning. I'm 140 pounds down and my high blood pressure is gone! No dietitian, no trainers, just determination to get healthy! I love my new lease on life and I feel I owe it in part to you guys at NutriBullet!

Thank you!

-Shane S.

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The man in your comparison photos have two different tattoos on the same are in the same place. Can you explain why?
Comment by Annabella52
February 01, 2015
New to all of this, my question is did u follow a plan? I want to lose 75 lbs so I would love some advice please.
Reply by lisiatew
May 02, 2016
Looks like the tattoo on the first picture is reversed in the mirror on the second picture. You can see the band around the other arm, just like it is in the first picture.
sorry don't check to often. I just replaced breakfast(that never ate)with a nutriblast. a 500-600 cal lunch and protein and nutriblast at night . I try to eat a 300-400 cals every 2-3 hrs... and I walked a lot!
No, not really. I use the bullet in the am,a sensible lunch, a small portion dinner with a small blast. ...sorry, haven't checked in awhile
Comment by Jacqui17
December 16, 2014
This is and inspiration to me. I would like to know if you experienced and sagging of the skin, due to the great weight loss?
Reply by bigdaddyshane
January 16, 2015
Yes,but not to severely. ...thighs and stomach mostly but still working on my abdominal area,it still has some fat left. ...thank you for the kind words
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