The 180 Cleanse: A 5-Day Fresh Start!

The 180 Cleanse: A 5-Day Fresh Start!

A New Year means a new you! Congratulations on coming this far! Your body has been good to you, but have you been good to your body? This year, let's dedicate ourselves to healthy eating; let's be clean in 2015 and let's do it together!

Start the year off right with this healthy, clean-eating meal plan that will help your immune system detox, improve your energy levels, and clean up your digestion. Five days is all it'll take to spark that newfound love for healthful eating.

Are you ready? It all starts Monday, January 5, 2015.

Each day will start with a detoxifying NutriBlast.

Lunches will include a clean meal – recipes filled with ingredients sourced as close to nature as possible; no processed foods here, my friend!

And finally, tailor dinner to your particular needs. Feeling cleanse-intense? Choose another NutriBlast. Need something warm? Soup or stew may be for you. Looking for something more substantial? Choose a nourishing protein and veggie dish.

You've got options, because no matter what, you shouldn't feel deprived and you shouldn't feel hungry. We're here to show you it's possible and you won't even miss those added sugars, dairy, gluten, or inflammatory, highly-processed foods ever again!

Click HERE to download, print, and save The 180 Cleanse.

Be sure to join our NutriLiving 180 Cleanse Facebook group for support, daily tips, and information to help get you through these five days.

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why can't I get a STRAIGHT answer to my question in lentil soups using a nutribullet
Yes, you can make lentil soup using your NutriBullet. Just make sure to cook the lentils before placing in the NutriBullet.
Comment by marie52
August 05, 2015
But the recipes in the book say "two servings"......HELP which is it?
Comment by pralez78
January 13, 2015
Not a big veggie eater. Gonna be hard to adjust to the different flavors
Comment by amyduds
January 11, 2015
I just got my NutribulletRX yesterday... if I want to do this a week later than everyone else are there any support tools or recommendations other than the printable 5day recipes?
Comment by MsKay15
January 06, 2015
So extremely excited about this challenge! I just joined, so I will start tomorrow! Stay close tome guys I need to lose about 50 lbs! LETS GO!!
Comment by hedbz00
January 06, 2015
How many kale leaves equal a head of kale?
Comment by MikeeD
January 05, 2015
When you make one of the shakes... Do you drink the whole thing?.. Or is it for two?
NutriLiving Krista Haynes on January 15, 2015
Each recipe is for one serving, however follow your fullness scale and if you can't finish it, then put a lid on it and store it in the fridge.
NutriLiving Krista Haynes on January 05, 2015
Hang in there! We'll post some tips on how to get over the hump tomorrow.
Reply by Julie0118
January 05, 2015
Ok thanks. Was thinking it was all in my head to feel this way so soon. :) I was eating terribly though. And drinking a TON of sodas.
Super excited to start the cleanse. Groceries were bought. And I prepped my clean meals for this week. Able to multitask and make two different recipes in 1 hour or less. This extremely useful as my week is usually chaotic. Being able to make these meals ahead of time is a plus.
NutriLiving Krista Haynes on January 05, 2015
How awesome! Did you take a bite to test? How'd you like them and which ones did you make? We're happy you've decided to join us. Til tomorrow :)
Reply by BurgosFamily05
January 06, 2015
I made the butternut squash soup in the nut rivulet which I actually liked. I also made the black bean mexi-Cali quinoa salad. This right now is my fav. The shakes gave been a little difficult on flavor but tolerable.
Comment by AmyCan
January 04, 2015
Groceries are bought and ready to start the cleanse :)
Comment by tlmccandless
January 04, 2015
The Nutriblast receipes call for using the Nutribullet tall cup. Would that be the short cup if using Nutribullet Rx?
NutriLiving Krista Haynes on January 05, 2015
Yes, as long as it is 24oz or bigger, the ingredients will fit!
Comment by jojogirlfit
January 03, 2015
I just opened my new NutriBullet I received as a Christmas gift and made my first smoothie this morning, so good! I started to explore the website and was excited to find this challenge, great way to start the New Year! I am in =) I am 25 and would like to lose 20 pounds, get fit, and overall be more healthy with my eating. Good luck to everyone doing the challenge, let's do it!
So glad you all are joining us! This is going to be fun :) Remember to take some time this weekend to do your shopping and prepping - maybe even cooked up some of the clean meals. You'll be so glad you planned ahead. See you Jan. 5th.
Comment by Joni1214
January 01, 2015
Comment by UserJoe
December 31, 2014
Wow This is awesome. Glad your all doing it !
Comment by neechie
December 30, 2014
I am in my mid forties and I have been trying to lose weight for the last 5month I have lost a few pounds but nothing sufficient. Recently as a Christmas gift to myself I purchased the Nutribullet 900 I am so excited to start this cleanse and be on my way to healthy living.
Comment by MSKAT
December 29, 2014
This holiday season I have put on at least 10 additional pounds! I know I have to start making healthier food choices so, the other day I purchased the Nutribullet Rx! I 'm soooo looking forward to jump starting my year with the 180 detox !
Comment by fdryan25
December 28, 2014
My wife are in our mid-50s and just bought a NutriBullet for ourselves. We are generally healthy and exercise but aside from staying away from processed foods and eating balanced meals we don't put a lot of thought into each ingredient. I think just being more intentional about what we eat through the day by following the NutriBullet recipes will help us.
Comment by hurttnomore
December 27, 2014
Can't wait to do the challenge! My husband and I love our nutribullet! It has improved our health and helped us lose weight w/o even trying ! :)
Comment by MarshaB
December 26, 2014
We have owned and used a Nutribullet for almost 3 years. This Christmas we received a new Nutribullet.Pro! We have been Gluten Free for over 6 months and our old NutriBullet was a great help. We can't wait to do the 5 Day Detox starting Jan 5th! This new NutriBullet.Pro - it's awesome!
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