3 Tips to Make Your Blast Even Better

3 Tips to Make Your Blast Even Better

I love my NutriBlasts, but I know they're not always the beautiful red or green elixirs photos make them out to be. Honestly, who wants to drink something that looks muddy and brown for breakfast everyday? Looking at an unappetizing cup like that can ruin my morning.

And what about the kiddos? Does a green or brown drink send them running underneath the bed?

While green and brown NutriBlasts can taste delicious, something about the color can put you off. Color, texture, mood, almost anything, actually!

Surprisingly, research shows that more than just the flavor of a food alone affects our taste perception. Use these tree tactics to ensure your Blast experience is the best part of your day!

1. Choose Colors Wisely

A wise NutriBlaster once suggested choosing similar-colored Blast recipe ingredients so you don’t end up with a funky-colored end product. Think light colored greens (spinach, bok choy, or Romaine lettuce) with oranges, pineapple and mango or try a beetroot, blueberry and raspberry combo! Don’t forget your boosts – most won’t affect the color (chia seeds, hemp seeds and nuts and seeds). However, if they do, then pair them accordingly. Try goji with a berry Blast or camu camu with a citrus Blast. For the chocolate lovers out there, I’m afraid brown is the only end result – just think of it as a chocolate shake, but with healthy cacao vs. sugar-laden chocolate syrup!

2. Think about Texture

We get a lot of questions asking how to make Blasts creamier, or thinner, or less applesauce-like, or smoother, etc. I personally can't eat certain foods because of their texture. Raw oysters or tapioca pudding? No way!

  • Not smooth enough? After Blasting, try sipping a bit off the top, screwing the blade back on and giving it another 20 seconds. Also, try adding some of those thickening ingredients mentioned above, as those are great binders to help create a smooth consistency.

Some ingredients are a bit tougher than others. Foods like blackberries and raspberries sometimes leave tiny, hard-to-break-down seeds. Starchy veggies like carrots, beets and even fibrous fruits like apples lend their own unique texture (which some folks love).

It may just require a bit of experimenting with different foods until you find ones you like and don’t like based on texture.

3. Sip Serenely

While the NutriBullet is designed so you can Blast and run out the door (you can even drink straight from the cup you made it in!), don’t underestimate the power of a peaceful environment. If you’ve got the time, treat yourself to the best Blast experience. Pour your beautifully colored NutriBlast into your favorite cup, glass or mug, sit down on your favorite chair and enjoy a good book (if that’s your thing!) while sipping slowly. When we associate a happy environment with what we are doing at that time, we tend to enjoy it a bit more!

For those of you who have been hesitant to pull out your NutriBullet from the gift box you received this past holiday or for those of you who just haven’t found the right Blasting groove, try these three tactics and I guarantee you’ll experience the Best Blast Ever!

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Comment by linnerlu
November 15, 2015
If my blast turns out an ugly or muddy color, I just pour it into a tall opaque (non-see-through) mug with a lid. Problem solved.
Comment by KTavera
September 10, 2015
I like the green refreshing taste, so a half a cucumber, a few chunks of frozen pineapple, handful of spinach and water with water soaked chia seeds...delicious...my husband likes the fruity kind, Banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, handful of spinach, almond milk with chia seeds soaked overnight in it...makes a nice smooth drink....something for everyone!
Comment by JeanPick
September 10, 2015
sometimes the nutribullit fx seems to run too fast, the cup will hop up and you can hear it isn't connecting just running. Ant suggestions on problem?
Comment by Tesspino
September 10, 2015
My Nutrabullet RX is losing its original blasting capabilities. Need help.
Reply by MattOsterman
September 10, 2015
If it is due to the fact that the ingredients you are mixing aren't mixing as finely as they used to then it may be that you need to replace your blade which they sell on the website. They say you should replace it every six months. I hope that helps if this is your issue.
Comment by candygirl
September 10, 2015
I enjoy putting frozen green veggies with strawberry blueberry andbannana with almond milk powdered raw oats and chia seeds with almond milk. I haven't found another that I like so much. But because I have diabetes it is never very sweet.(ugh). But I like it frosty and eat it with a spoon. Last winter it was so cold where I live that I stopped having it every day. I would have like something hot that tastes good. Maybe you could give more stuff you can heat up in the nutribullet. I am not really ready to get an rx.
Comment by yawningreyhound
September 10, 2015
We used to gut through our smoothies, chanting The bitterer the better! Now we actually like them. We added radicchio last week that we found attached to a little head of radi'o at the organic farm stand; never knew those big leaves existed! Tangy things.
Comment by rondom
September 10, 2015
So many recipes, some very good, some not good. I hate to make a mistake making a bad choice and not having an enjoyable smoothie. I wish there was a way to judge them. How about a 1-5 star rating that would give a consensus of how you rate a smoothie you try?
Comment by Ehoney68
September 09, 2015
My husband and I were given a Nutribullet for a gift, we live it so much we bought a second one for our office for lunch time. Any suggestions on energy blasts for lunchtime?
Comment by tifishery
September 09, 2015
I am addicted to my banana, blueberry, strawberry, Greek yougurt, flax seed with orange mango and pomegranate juice smoothie.. With lots of ice... Every morning... Love it!!!
Reply by krstephe
September 09, 2015
Pomegranate juice, wow! I hadn't thought of that! Definitely giving that one a try. :)
Comment by kapiel
September 09, 2015
"Use these *tree* tactics..."
I blend my drinks, put in the freezer then get ready for work. When I'm ready to leave I have a healthy slushie to drink ! This helps me with the texture problem.
Reply by Ehoney68
September 09, 2015
Is it common for apples to have too much texture? I'm not a fan of them, but still want the nutrition from apples, since that season is coming up. Any suggestions
Comment by scoo26
May 01, 2015
When I juiced it was more veg than fruit but the ratio of more veg doesn't taste as good in the NB? Any ideas.
Reply by jsandoval27
September 10, 2015
Only use one serving of one veg. Whatever u have on hand. Right now I'm using fresh asparagus that I froze(last longer) and alittle green goes a long way. I thn put in a few different fruits with some seeds and nuts, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, sometimes peanut butter, raw egg, Tumeric and ginger, protein boost, alittle honey and or maple syrup, ice cubes and fill with almond or coconut/almond blend and I try and get organic if I dont peel any of the ingredients. This one will feel u up for a few hours.. good for a meal replacement. I like my blast on the sweeter side and I use natural sweetners like organic honey or maple syrup..
Reply by lisavee
May 02, 2015
I've noticed that bananas and pears are a dominant flavour. I also use about 1/4 tsp of cinnamon. That helps to dull the veggie taste.
It's easy to change the blasts to a more red color by using just 1/4 small beet, or about a 1/2 cup of berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.)
I'm a nutribullet newbie , looking for inspiration
Reply by krstephe
September 09, 2015
Experiment with some of the recipes on this website until you find your favorite. My husband and I have had our Nutribullet since December 2014, and we cannot imagine life without it! We average two Nutri shakes/day. My favorite has spinach, mango, 1/2 green apple, plain nonfat greek yogurt, almond butter, almond milk, and flax seed. Sometimes I'll add a touch of vanilla. Amazing, tastes a lot like a vanilla shake!
We appreciate all the information because it all makes us enjoy our Nutribullet that much more!
I get tired of my Green colored NutraBlasts. Will have to do more experimenting with different colored fruits and veggies, with just putting a wee bit of the greens into it.
Don't care how my blast looks. I know that what I put in it is healthy. As long as it taste good, who cares.
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