30 Pounds Lighter

Christina B. struggled with her weight loss until she discovered the NutriBullet. Listen to her story and tell us - how has the NutriBullet made a difference in your life?

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Comment by Fatboy1968
December 13, 2015
Now get my nutribullet, today and loving it
Comment by Tangier
November 11, 2015
Had my first nutriblast today. It was amazing, I could feel nutrients going all over my body.Can't wait for a month to go by and see how I feel
I'm also a retired teacher and have put on weight, which needs to come off because I'm not happy at all. Can't fit into my nice clothing, so I'm miserable when I need to get dress. Very frustrating! I just watched your video and I'm truly inspired. I will do it!
Comment by Annabella52
February 01, 2015
Just bought my nutri bullet today and you have inspired me, just wish we could all connect to encourage each other. Congratulations ??
Reply by cjl555
December 08, 2015
Hello, just wondering since its almost a year..did you loose weight with the nutri bullet rx
Comment by mememe
January 26, 2015
LOVE the dance! Is it "The Nutri" or "The Bullet"? Too cute!
Comment by ViktoriaE
November 12, 2014
Awww.....this was awesome! You are an inspiration! How are you doing now?
Comment by traymast
February 18, 2014
Adorable!!! And Inspiring! Good Job!!! :)
Oh honey you are so cute! Thank you for the positive post for the NB! I just got my NB so I'm totally new to this. I'm looking for the ways to use the NB and you've totally got my hyped! :D
Comment by WOLF
July 07, 2013
Comment by Blueyez
July 02, 2013
I feel the same way when I do my NutriBlast.
Congrats on your weight loss, but more importably, your new lifestyle of eating the right foods!
Love the little dance... When I first started using the nutribulet I was 199 pounds, now down to 172 with in two weeks. I work hard by throwing pallets and and play hard so that's MY exercise. I feel so much better since the weight came off and still coming off. Congratulating to you Christina.
Comment by jimii2
June 26, 2013
Very inspiring Christina and your antics are a wonderful “Cosbiean delight!” Congratulations on your achievements and continue being an inspiration to others!
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