5 Mistakes You're Making with Your Spiralizer

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While we all know spiralized foods are like 99 times better than regular shaped foods, you unfortunately won’t find any zoodles growing straight out of the ground. While a hand spiralizer can be a great tool, you’ll want to make sure you’re avoiding these 5 common mistakes.

1. Only Using Your Dominate Hand to Crank Your Zoodles

Cranking out zoodles is no easy task, it’s a pretty tiring workout. If you forget to switch off arms between zucchinis, you might find yourself starting to looking like a professional arm wrestler with one massive arm and one small arm. Gross.

2. Forgetting to Wear Gloves While Using Your Spiralizer

Do you love having blisters all over your hands? Golfers wear a glove for a reason, and while you won’t be swinging a club, you will be spending about as much time making your vegetable noodles as it takes to finish a round of golf. Do your hands a favor and wear some gloves.

3. Overestimating the Strength of Your Hand Spiralizer

Oh I’m sorry, were you expecting to spiralize a potato for some delicious curly fries? Unless you’re an Olympic weightlifter think again. Stick with the softer stuff…so basically zucchinis and more zucchinis.

4. Trying to Prepare Zoodles for the Whole Family

Sharing is caring, but in this case, you’re better off enjoying those delicious zoodles by yourself. It takes long enough to spiralize a couple zucchinis for one person, if you’re going to try to feed multiple people you better buffer your dinner by a few days.

5. Mistaking Your Spiralizer for a Time Machine

While you may end up somewhere far in the future by the time you’re done hand cranking your zoodles, your spiralizer can’t actually help you time travel. It would make cranking that handle over and over a lot more fun though.

How to Avoid All These Mistakes

Times have evolved -- you don't churn your own butter, so why hand-crank your own veggie noodles? Ditch your old manual spiralizer and upgrade to an electric spiralizer. Not only will you save time and energy and make a boatload more zoodles, you’ll add a lot of flavor to your life with all the things a multifunctional spiralizer can do. Just check out all the amazing things the Veggie Bullet can do!

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