5 Reasons You Should Exercise

5 Reasons You Should Exercise

Too lazy to exercise? We've got 5 facts that'll help motivate you and get you off the couch!

1. Got bad skin? Exercise will help! Just 2 hours of vigorous exercise per week can help reduce the risk of psoriasis by up to 30% in women.

2. Not only will exercising improve your memory, but it'll also help new skills stick longer. Processes that involved muscle memory, like playing the piano, were more likely to stay with a person if they exercised immediately afterward - increasing the brain's cognitive function, according to a study by the University of Copenhagen.

3. A study at the University of British Colombia showed that older women who exercised aerobically had better memory recollection, recalling more words and items on tests than their counterparts.

4. Another study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that children and young adults are more likely to make good decisions after a bout of exercise. Kids and young adults who worked out right before test-taking showed better concentration and self-control than non-exercisers.

5. Add years to your life with just 15 minutes of exercise a day. A study at the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan showed that 15 minutes can add three years to life; 30 minutes of exercise a day can add up to four years. Not only that, but cancer rates among those who exercised decreased by 10% and heart disease by 20%.

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Comment by Bucky60
February 22, 2015
Oh, I really need motivation to go to the gym.
Reply by Glory Jesus
August 14, 2015
@ Bucky60 I can agree, my motivation came once I confessed to my LORD and Saviour "my personal deep struggles with obesity". I now at a later age gain the knowledge to understand my primary issue is genetic from suffering from "lipoedema" which is a rare BUT commonly misdiagnosed or disregarded by doctors "as I am yet facing". Secondary was the development of an "addiction to food" that stemmed from many issues. I finally made a mindful and in accord decision with GOD to "help me overcome for ever the bondage of unhealthy eating habits, excessive and the sedentary lifestyle that was taking away from His grace and glory in my life. My motivation came soley from the inspiration from a LIVING GOD 😆, I was compelled to reply in prayer for God to give you the same "inspiration of motivation" for His glory in Jesus name. God bless you and your house in Jesus name.
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