5 Sweet Smoothies to Satisfy Your Halloween Cravings

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Did you know that the average American adult consumes 4 percent of their candy consumption just on Halloween? I know what you're thinking, "but they are fun-size candy treats, they can't be that bad for you." Well, it turns out just 5 of those fun-size candy bars is the equivalent of one full-size candy bar. Ranging between 60 to 110 calories a piece, 5 of these fun-size treats can equal an average of 375 calories, 17g of fats and 47g of sugar!

This year, avoid all the Halloween tricks, and enjoy all the treats with 5 smoothies that satisfy your candy cravings without any of the horror!

1. Almond Joy

Put the candy bar down and instead make this tasty coconut, almond smoothie. You'll forget all about that candy bar in no time.

2. Candy Bar Dessert Smoothie

To curb sugar cravings, blend up a deliciously sweet, chocolate smoothie. Made with cacao, vanilla, and almond butter, it's dessert without the guilt!

3. Tropical "Candy Corn"

Candy corn is a Halloween staple, but it's full of sugar. Instead opt for this layered smoothie, it has the sweetness you crave, without the empty calories.

4. Apple Pie Smoothie

Nothing screams fall more than apple pie, that's why we love this smoothie recipe. It has the apples, cinnamon, and vanilla of apple pie but less sugar and calories.

5. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Bowl

There are few combinations better than banana and peanut butter. In this recipe we combine them with protein powder to fuel your day.

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