8 Amazing Ways to Use Superfoods

8 Amazing Ways to Use Superfoods

You’ve added our amazing superfoods your NutriBlasts, but have you ever considered adding superfoods to your meals? Well, move over chia seed pudding, these ingredients - once only added to green drinks and smoothies - are now adding a nutritional boost to the most unsuspecting recipes!

1. Dried Goji Berries are phenomenal when added to homemade energy bars, rehydrated and sprinkled on top of salads, mixed in with a bowl of comforting oatmeal, or simply placed in your bottle of water for that touch of sweetness.

2. Hemp Seeds can be sprinkled on top of salads, mixed into hummus and other dips, swirled into hot cereals, incorporated into a bread dough, pancake batter, or muffin mix for an added boost of protein and omega-3s.

3. Flax Seeds make a wonderful vegan egg replacement! When eggs are used as a binding agent, combine 1 Tbsp. ground flax seeds (or chia!) with 3 Tbsp. water instead. When they're used as a leavening agent, just add ¼ tsp. baking soda to that binding “egg” mixture noted above. You can use this substitution for up to three eggs.

4. Coconut Oil is extremely versatile as part of your beauty regimen in addition to your eating habits! One of these three options is bound to appeal to you or to a family member.

  • A butter replacement: Substitute cold-pressed virgin coconut oil one for one when replacing butter in a baking recipe.
  • Use cold-pressed coconut oil when sautéing veggies. Your veggies will have a nice, sweet coconut taste, adding tons of flavor to your dish!
  • Remember Magic Shell, the chocolate that hardens as soon as it hits cold ice cream? Make your own by combining 2 ½ ounces of dark chocolate with 2 Tbsp. coconut oil and heat on the stove or microwave to melt together. Allow to cool slightly before pouring over your cold treat.

5. Kelp Seasonings or nori seaweed sheets, often used to make sushi rolls, can be added to vegan soups for a faux “seafood” flavor. These can also be added to stir-frys. They are a great source of iodine, a mineral many of us are lacking. Also, check out kelp noodles – a great alternative to white pasta.

6. Acai Bowls are a wonderful treat made from Acai Pulp. Find a package of acai puree like this one and combine with some coconut water or apple juice and ice in your NutriBullet. Scoop this mixture into a bowl and then add a layer of sliced banana, top with granola, then add a layer of fresh berries and finish with some shredded coconut flakes and hemp seeds. Tada!! – a homemade acai bowl, a nutritious breakfast or snack any time.

7. Cacao Avocado Pudding actually contains two superstars (avocados are a more common superfood, but a superfood nonetheless!)


2 ripe avocados
½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (may also use coconut milk)
¼ cup raw cacao powder
2 Tbsp. raw honey (or about 6 softened pitted dates)
¼ tsp. sea salt
½ tsp. vanilla

Extract in the NutriBullet and extract until smooth.

8. Watercress works well in salad dressings, pesto, and as a pizza topping. Watercress earned the top spot, beating out kale, on the list of 41 “Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables” published in the CDC journal, Preventing Chronic Disease. According to the report, watercress outshines the others with its high nutrient profile. Watercress blended with basil, spinach, pine nuts, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper make a nice pesto to top your pasta. Throw it in with some herbs for a nice herbed vinaigrette salad dressing or top your veggie pizza with raw watercress once it gets out of the oven.

NutriBullet provides the tools, along with information; it’s up to you to be creative and explore your culinary domain! These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve about how you incorporate superfoods into your favorite recipes. Share with us in the comments below or in our forums!

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