A New Chance at Life

A New Chance at Life


I received my NutriBullet in the mail at the beginning of March 2013. At that time, I was pretty much at the end of my rope and didn't want to live anymore. I had suffered from severe depression for over 25 years. I tried every single antidepressant known to humankind. I had also tried direct current stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and ECT (shock therapy). Nothing ever worked. I was even considering having deep brain stimulation surgery!

After seeing the NutriBullet infomercial on TV approximately three months ago, I decided to order one and give it a try. I thought I had nothing to lose. For my first NutriBlast smoothies, I put in kale, spinach, flaxseeds, walnuts, chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries, banana, and coconut water. I felt a difference after that very first one!

At first, I thought I was just imagining it. I continued to have my smoothies every day since then and have never felt better. The NutriBullet has completely changed my life! I’ve also lost a lot of weight and have so much energy now. Everyone has noticed my complete transformation. I’m so thankful for your product and for giving me a new chance at life!


-Jim W.

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Comment by Melray
March 11, 2015
I hope this is a real story because I have been struggling with PTSD, depression and anxiety disorder since I was 5 years old. I have also been on every treatment, every pill every dietary plan. I have tried everything and now I am trying this. I just got my NB yesterday and am making my list and getting my plan set up. I hope it works.
Comment by Amybcb
January 25, 2014
So happy to hear what the nutriblast did to change your life. You look happy and healthy!
Comment by sdownour
July 06, 2013
Great story! I also find that wonderful machine has changed my life as well. It is hard to explain to people who do not understand...they look at you like you are crazy!! You look very happy! Enjoy!
Depression is an awful thing to live with, I've had small bouts over the years and been on medication, but got to a point where I've been determined to come off it. I'm so thrilled to read your story, to have to live with depression for such a long time, trying everything...who would have guessed that this little machine would sort things out for you. Well done Jim W, your picture speaks volumes!
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