Are You Getting Enough Antioxidants?

We are a nation in chronic oxidative debt - on average, we do not consume enough antioxidants to make up for those we use during digestion, which could lead to the development of pro-oxidative diseases, like heart disease.

Dr. Michael Greger of tells us more about our Daily Recommended Allowance of antioxidants.

Comment by Barbara's
August 18, 2014
I have already lost a lb. this week after using my Nutribullet just once a day.
Comment by Barbara's
August 18, 2014
Can we turn disease processes around by eating healthier plant based diets?
There is not Yes or No answer to that question, but studies have shown including more fruits and veggies in your diet supports overall health.
Comment by Djsweeney
April 17, 2014
What would you recommend to lower collesterol
Here are some great recipes:,,
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