Are you a SUPERtaster?

Are you a SUPERtaster?

I’ve noticed several of you on Facebook turning your nose up at kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and collards. No worries, we still love you! And we understand, because it’s NOT your fault! More than likely, you're a “Supertaster.” Yes, you are super!

A super taster is someone who is more sensitive to sugars, bitterness and fattiness in foods, often shunning them in favor of other foods. About 25 percent of Americans are supertasters, or those with a higher-than-average amount of papilla (bumps on the tongue that house taste buds) per surface area of the tongue. On the other end of the spectrum lie the non-tasters who often find weight management difficult since they require more food to actually get taste sensation. About 25 percent of Americans are classified as non-tasters, leaving the remaining half in the middle, also known as - for lack of a better term - regular Joes.

Answer these questions to see how you stack up!

  1. Do you crave salt?
  2. Are leafy green vegetables bitter?
  3. Does wine leave a strange aftertaste?
  4. Do you avoid coffee or green tea?
  5. Do people consider you a picky eater?
  6. Can you easily detect sugar in breads and crackers?

If you answered mostly YES, you may be a Supertaster.

To test yourself, check out this link to see a do-it-at-home test.

Interesting Tid-Bits

  • You would think supertasters would prefer less salt since they are more sensitive. However, salt cancels out bitterness, making the food more palatable.
  • Supertasters usually weigh less and have fewer cardiovascular problems due to eating less high sugar and high fat foods.
  • A downside is that supertasters are at an increased risk for colon, gynecological, and other cancers due to the lack of green vegetable intake (Supertasters tend to hate the bitter taste of greens).
  • Genetics seems to play a role in whether or not you are a supertaster.
  • It is estimated that supertasters experience flavors 3 times stronger than a normal taster.
  • Women (35%) are more likely to be a supertaster than men (15%).
  • Asians are more likely to be supertasters than any other people.
  • Check out The Simpsons episode, “Father Knows Worst," where Homer becomes a supertaster after consuming a stick of burning coals.

NutriBlasts are a SUPER way to cut the bitterness and get those leafy green goodies into your belly!

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Comment by owensrh
January 03, 2015
I don't crave salt, but I do shy away from bitter greens including kale and cilantro. I don't tolerate black coffee. Ginger and chai are only palatable in very minute amounts.
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