Back to School, Back to Blasting!

Back to School, Back to Blasting!

The transition from the lazy days of summer to the whirlwind days of making the school bus and shuttling kids to activities is not an easy one. We all get used to it after a few weeks, but the first few days are especially difficult.

The weather is still warm and you are still longing for those slow motion mornings and long days frolicking on the beach. Summer time eats are easy. Simple sandwiches, bowls of fresh fruit, refreshing salads loaded with veggies form your garden. Now that we're back to the grind, it's back to convenience and eating on the go. So, as parents, we need to refocus on the best ways for our children (and ourselves) to continue consuming adequate nutrients during the busy season. Here is a fun and tasty ways to get this done!

Green Breakfast Blast

While most meals are equally important, breakfast certainly can start you day off with a boost, so start your day off with veggies. Don’t let the day get away form you without a jolt of powerful nutrients and antioxidants. You will feel the surge energy if you do this on a regular basis. Adults and kids alike love this Blast because it's sweet, satisfying and thirst-quenching.

With my 7-year-old picky eater, I call it the Green Monster Shake to make it fun and more interesting. I can rest assured that my kids and I are getting an entire days' worth of fruits and veggies first thing in the morning. That way, if we get too busy during the rest of the day and are not able to sit down for a salad or a stir fry, I don’t feel guilty!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Triathlon Coach

Thanks for sharing such an insightful post. After a sleeping summer days, going back to school is quite difficult for most of the children. Preparing yourself hard for a more peaceful transition back into the school routine is very important. If your children's school is interesting enough and is interactive like C2 Education,, etc,then it becomes quite easy for you to make your child get ready to get back into the school routine.
Comment by barbaragaston
November 06, 2014
All of these ingredients don't fit in the oversize cup. Do you have a blender cup? I love the blast. Thanks for sharing.
Comment by SarahandMarc
October 03, 2014
Jenn, thanks for the reminder to eat healthy breakfast. I found the recipe for the Green Breakfast Blast and add it here for quick reference. Sounds great!! ½ cup Spinach ½ cup Kale 1 Kiwi ¼ cup Greek Yogurt 1 Banana 10 Grapes 1 chunk(s) Cucumbers ½ stalk(s) Celery ½ Apple Water to MAX LINE
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