Back-to-School Guide: 5 Tips for Healthy Eating

Back-to-School Guide: 5 Tips for Healthy Eating

Back-to-school time can be bittersweet; on the one hand, you can rest easy knowing your kids are out of the house, learning and interacting in a fun and engaging setting and expanding their little brains - yes, education!

But, on the other hand, you've got the poor eating, stress, strict schedules to keep and all the other resonsibilities that go along with heading back to school. You may not be able to help a lot of these variables, but you can definitely help keep you kids eating healthy and thriving while they're off in school with a few simple tips.

Back-to-School Guide: 5 Tips for Healthy Eating

1. Involve your children in the food shopping experience.

When you go shopping, have your kids pick out fruits and vegetables. This involves them from start to finish in their eating experience and makes opening that lunch box the next day so much more exciting! Along with creating a sense of ownership and nurturing decision-making, involving them will help you start to see their curiosity take shape, a major plus for both parent and child.

2. Let your children help you make their lunch.

From layering on the cheese, to scooping out that peanut butter, involving your children throughout the lunch-making process helps ignite their excitement about the food they eat. When they help make it, they're less likely to toss it out or ignore it - just like when you make your own food at home. A vegetable that sits in the crisper is easy to forget, but once you prepare that vegetable into a delicious meal, you can't not enjoy it!

3. Focus on building lunches and snacks around themes.

And let them pick that theme! They can pick a color, like red (an apple, tomato-based pasta, and homemade strawberry lemonade), a taste perception, like crunchy or sour, or even a favorite book - can you imagine what a lunchbox packed for Winnie the Pooh would look like? These themes are fun and creative and also help further involve your chlid in the process of healthy eating.

4. Packing snacks for your child is super simple. Seriously.

Parents often throw sodas or bags of chips in their kids' lunchsacks because they don't go bad and they know their children will eat them. But what about fresh fruit (with a skin, like an apple or an orange), a small bag of trailmix, granola, or healthy nuts and seeds, or a cheese stick? These provide a filling and balanced array of nutrients that your child can have fun eating throughout the day or during recess, and that won't take an arm and a leg to put together.

5. The family that Blasts together, stays together!

So, ensuring your child is eating healthy while they're away from home is tough, right? Well, that's where Blasting comes in! Make your child a part of the morning Blast ritual and make sure they have their Blast every single day. A single Blast can provide the daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetable servings.

Even if they're not having the best foods while they're at school, you can guarantee they're eating right for breakfast - the most important meal of the day that will fuel them and gear them up for the rest of the day.

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