Battling Fibromyalgia and High Blood Pressure

Battling Fibromyalgia and High Blood Pressure

The NutriBullet has changed my life in so many ways. First, I have been on this lifestyle change for 18 days and have already lost weight. My blood pressure has gone down so much that my doctor has taken me off my blood pressure meds. My doctor said that if I continue with these amazing results, he is going to recommend this to his other patients.

I also have Fibromyalgia and since I started Blasting, my pain and symptoms are way less severe than they have ever been and I've been sick for 15 years. My hot flashes are gone, too. I sleep better and I feel nourished deep down.

I have also noticed that my cravings for junk food (and I was addicted badly) are completely gone. It's like my brain has been rewired! I've been on every diet, but I do not consider this a diet. I really have studied the fruits and greens and boosts so I can get really creative and everyday is exciting. I don't see getting bored or feeling deprived when I have my Blasts. I feel like I have my life back and even though I'm still new to the NutriBullet family, I feel like I can do anything, my confidence is up and I feel amazing. I love the blog and the recipe ideas. I can't wait to submit mine. Thank you, NutriBullet, for giving me the ability to get my life back.


I wanted give you an update on my progress since we last communicated. I have lost a total of 16 pounds so far. My blood pressure is still normal and I am still off all blood pressure meds.

I was a lucky winner of the new 900 and oh my God! I am in love even more! Four of my friends bought the 900 and 2 bought the 600 after asking me what I thought of each.

I feel so blessed to have watched that infomercial and purchased the NutriBullet. It truly has saved my life.

I no longer eat ANY fast food and have had restaurant food maybe 6 times since I have started my lifestyle change. When I do eat out, I find that my palate has changed and I do not mentally or physically desire the fatty junky food I would have normally ordered.

I make dinner almost every night with help from my husband. We cook fresh, low-fat food and are starting to wean out the gluten from our diet. We've also replaced a lot of animal products with vegetarian products. We feel healthy and nourished. My husband is not overweight and he loves the foods and Blasts we eat.

I just can't thank you at NutriBullet enough for giving me my life back by creating an amazing product that even a disabled person like myself can use daily. I also want to thank you all for helping me be an inspiration to my 6 friends and family members who have purchased their own unit. I am proud to be the messenger of a successful beginning to an amazing lifestyle change!

I know I have a long way to go, but there is NO DOUBT that I will achieve my goals with the knowledge I have gained from being made aware of what I eat. I owe it all to that middle of the night infomercial.

Happy Holidays to you and NutriBullet!

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Here is a great one! Morning Star -2 handfuls spinach -1 banana -1/8 cup pumpkin seeds -1 orange (peeled) -1 carrot -1-2 Tbsp plant-protein powder (spirulina, pea, hemp, rice, soy) -Water or dairy alternative (almond, soy, rice milks): top with water or dairy alternative to MAX LINE and extract
Comment by tkineard
September 05, 2014
Does anyone have any recipes to help with fibromyalgia?
Hi Rachel, congrats on your success to better living. I have a step-mom and aunt who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I'm trying to encourage them both to start using the NutriBullet as it provides wonderful healing results. I recently purchased the NutriBullet and have yet to use it. I can't wait to try it. Who knew eating healthy in this way could be fun.
There are great recipes on the recipe tab section of this website. When you click this tab, you have the option to search by ingredient or keyword. Click on keyword search and type "weight loss" into the search field. You will find a ton of recipes that you can use.
Gluten free ingredients were used in the blend, it is not certified gluten free just yet.
Comment by Lyan
March 24, 2014
Hi I have a question I have to know which one is going good for me I had a baby 4 months but I had cesaria and I want to lose weight .Please respond for me thank you
Comment by Susymk
February 28, 2014
Does anyone know if the superfood energy powder is gluten free? I'm gluten intolerant and suffering from bad fibromyalgia flares! Thanks! Sue
Here is a good one: 2 handfuls spinach, 1/2 avocado, 1/4 rolled oats, 1 tbsp flax seeds, 1/2 cored apple, 1 handful of blueberries, water or unsweetened almond milk to the max line.
Comment by alcauter
February 21, 2014
My name es Diana what recip is for fibromas
Comment by ingadia
February 03, 2014
Congratulations!! I just read your update :) it is inspirational and it has motivated me now to keep going. Thanks...
Comment by RachieBake
January 24, 2014
A typical blast for me: Kale or spinach or chard celery carrot orange frozen mango, cranberries and banana (or whatever frozen berries I have) 1/2 scoop NutriBullet brand fat burning boosts 1 tbsp raw cacao powder 1 tbsp Maca root powder 1/4 cup chia seeds or hemp seeds (hulled) or flax seed 1 tsp green barley grass powder dash of cinnamon 4 brazil nuts or 10 cashews 1 tbsp greek nonfat vanilaa yogurt I try to use 3 fruits and 3 veggies.... plus the bossts. My best suggestion is to read the book that tells you which fruits and veggies and boosts help your condition. Good luck. Rachel
Comment by RachieBake
January 24, 2014
I am so proud to announce that I have lost 6 more pounds since my update was posted. I also want to let everyone know that I really recommend the NutriBullet brand Boosts. I like the consistency and the fat burning results. I highly recommend that you try it. I haven't used the "energy" Boosts yet. When I'm done with my fat burning bag, I will let you know what I think. But seriously, try their brand boosts... I really think you will find you like the way you feel and the results plus you can't beat the price if you buy each item separately. Most importantly... this isn't magic. You can't have a blast then hit up McDonalds and pig out. you have to change things in your life. purge your house of any trigger foods. If you don't have junk, you can't get in trouble. Also make sure you have plenty of healthy choices. I now enjoy seaweed as a snack. I like Wasabi and other flavors. You have to make changes.... just having a blast a couple of times a week is not going to help you lower your blood pressure or lose weight... you have to put in the work too. Good luck and happy Blasting!!!
Comment by RachieBake
January 24, 2014
I"m basically doing what you are doing, but I blast for my 1st meal of the day and if I am hungry at night I make a desert blast. Congrats on your success. Rachel
Check our recipes tab for some great fibromyalgia recipes. Type FIBROMYALGIA into the search bar.
Comment by 4everpooh
January 16, 2014
I would like to see your plan day by day for the 21 days lifestyle change.
Here is a great place to start: Cleanse:
Comment by senita
January 11, 2014
Hi my name is Senita i'm new with Nutribullet start today.My goal is to loss from 20 to 30 lb in short time.Can somebody help with and let me know how get best results with best recipe . Thank you
Try these recipes:,
Check out these recipes: Blood pressure:, Arthritis:
Comment by cherryjean13
January 01, 2014
Hi,I'm new to nutriblast I'm just getting started. I suffer with high blood pressure and arthritis, what is a good mix of fruit and vegetable to easy the pain of joint pain and to lower my blood pressure number?
Comment by alexis14
December 28, 2013
my doctor diagnostic high blood pressure Can someone tell me a recipe to use the nutribullet thank you
Comment by RachieBake
December 28, 2013
I just received the Nutribullet Boosts that they sell. I tried the Fat Burning boost in my drink and it tasted awesome with the Blast I had and I feel like a million bucks. The effects were felt with in 15 minutes. I will try the Energy Boost tomorrow and report back. I did the math and it is less expensive to buy the Boosts from NutriBullet for $19.99 a month than purchase each item contained individually. I am very happy. Thank you NutriBullet for another amazing product!!! Rachel
Comment by RachieBake
December 27, 2013
Hi Dipti, thank you for the positive comment. The best advice I can give you is to study the book that lists the fruits, veggies and boosts and see what does what. If you are on medication consult your doctor or local pharmacist to make sure none of the Boosts interact with your meds. As for meals, I have a Blast to start my day and lunch I have something like 2 rice cakes with natural pnut butter or almond butter (no sugar or oil, only ground nuts) and dried fruit on top. I call them "fruity cakes". I also like tuna made with a drop of mayo (I actually hate mayo)I use cayenne pepper, it's great for weight loss, instead of bread I have it on 3 stalks of celery or on a bed of spinach. Remember the darker the greens the better it is for you. I try to stay off the bread because I believe I have a sensitivity or slight allergy to gluten. But I do have some gluten so I don't develop a complete rejection of the gluten. For dinner, I cook almost every night. I make chicken and curry with multigrain rice and a veggie (no butter) and a salad. I also use vegetarian meat crumbles a lot. The trick is to make it interesting and not boring. I make a marinara sauce and use gluten free pasta and add the vegetarian crumbles to the top of the sauce so they don't get mushy and rubbery. We also have a salad and a veggie... I could go on and on, but you have to figure out what suits your lifestyle. Try eating your salad 30 mins before dinner and that makes you less likely to over eat. Also, my husband started making my plates for me. He's not over weight so he puts "normal" size helpings on my plate and always say's "there's more here if you want". I Never have 2nds. I also make a night time desert blast sometimes that is: 8 oz fat free vanilla frozen yogurt 1 cup of assorted fruit (I like to use berries and banana) 1/4 cup raw cacao nibs and a little nonfat milk added in for blending. makes 2 nice size servings and my husband and I feel like it's a killer milkshake. All high in protein and lowfat and delicious. Most of all, I give myself 1 day a week to Break Bad and have anything I want. I find that I make great choices and seldom use my Break Bad day but knowing I have it once a week is a great mental tool. I hope this has helped, Good luck and Happy Healthy new year to you!!!
Comment by RachieBake
December 27, 2013
Congratulations and I am so happy for you. what a wonderful gift you have... your life back... My first few Blasts were so so. Once I studied the book and saw what each fruit, veggie and boost did, I was off and running. Just remember you are on a lifestyle change and not a diet. You choose to be healthy and the rest falls into place. I can't begin to express the joy this new control of my life has brought me. You can Blast all you want, but must change the way you eat or else it's all for nothing. I follow NutriBullet on FaceBook and I saw on my news feed a post that read, "If you can stay on track for 21 days you have made a habit and lifestyle change". So my goal was to make it to the 21 day mark.... and I did. Guess what, NutriBullet was right, my brain was thinking differently already and the rest fell into place. Now I'm Blasting for over 4 months and as my testimonial reads, I have NO DESIRE to eat junk food. The smell of fast food actually makes me nauseous. Amazing.... I was addicted badly. Stay in touch with me and keep all of us posted on your progress. I feel so honored that I have inspired anyone to change their mind and live healthy. I'm just sorry I hadn't made this connection sooner. Good luck and I wish you a happy and healthy new year!!!
Comment by mfrank723
December 27, 2013
Well...I just received my NutriBullet for Christmas yesterday and I just made my very first Blast. It was much better than I expected! I'm hoping to blast off to a new lifestyle change beginning now. I'm 54 years old, 6'2" 327 lbs, and have just been recently diagnosed as diabetic. I'm just so sick of hurting everywhere, and feeling tired and run down all of the time. I'm looking forward to following the blogs, and finding new recipes from you all. I'm excited about the potential new life I have in front of me. Happy New Year everyone!
Comment by RachieBake
December 27, 2013
Hi Joy, first thing I did was study the book and see what fruits, veggies and boosts that aide in my problems. I started out using the recipes in the book for about a week. I did a lot of research and then I went crazy and started to create my own drinks tailor made to help me. As for the Boosts (additives) if you are worried, contact your doctor or local pharmacist to see if you have any interactions going on. That's what I did. I also looked into things like green tea crystals that when added to your drink turns your water into green tea and you get the benefits of green tea.... antioxidants and weight loss as well as using a dash of cinnamon. You just have to start out slowly and crawl before you can walk... that's what I did and now I'm off and running. Good luck and Happy Blasting in the New Year!!!
Comment by RachieBake
December 27, 2013
Thank you, it took me almost 43 years to make the connection and that late night infomercial was exactly what I needed. I feel so good and so in control. I NEVER think I'm on a diet, I'm on a lifestyle change and that thought makes it so much easier for me. I know I can eat anything I want but chose to eat right. I haven't had fast food since August (when I started blasting). Happy New year and thank you for the positive encouragement.
Comment by RachieBake
December 27, 2013
Thank you so much and I hope you have a Great New Year full of health and happiness!!!
Comment by RachieBake
December 27, 2013
That's basically what I do. I studied the little tiny book and saw what fruits, veggies and boosts were best for my conditions. I love using non fat Greek vanilla yogurt in my drinks. I use 1 tbsp and it makes the Blasts so creamy.
Comment by candyt56
December 24, 2013
I started on 12/8. My blood pressure was 148/92 and that's on medication. My meds were recently increased as I haven't been able to get them down. I am due to see the doctor next month and was sadly thinking I would be on even more meds. Today after making just one smoothie a day, my reading is 114/78. I have literally not seen numbers like this in years. You can put anything fruits/veggies you like in your smoothies, but as a basis some of the foods best for blood pressure are: bananas, celery, soy milk, lowfat yogurt, spinach/kale, avocado. I will always put all or a mix and match of those things in and maybe add mango or another frozen fruit. I do one at night and I saw improvement in just a week.
Comment by jimii2
December 24, 2013
A healthy body will benefit you a Lifetime and the NutriBullet allows you to accomplish this declaration with ease! You have made NutriBlasting a lifestyle change and discover a healthier life. -Njoy!
Comment by ereyk_a
December 24, 2013
Wow very happy for you Congratz! Have a safe, happy & Blessed Holidays and a Happy Healthy New year 2014!
Comment by Joyrentz
December 20, 2013
Help, I'm new to this. I'm going through menopause , hot flashes , can't sleep (waking up at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. I've gained 10 lbs in 8 months and my memory is terrible. I need a play by play of exactly what to eat (or drink). I'm a skeptic about additives that I'm told to purchase . If natural is the way to go, then give me natural. I have to be careful as I have heart palpitations . Where can I find directions for every detail of what to eat , what smoothies to make for weight loss and menopause !! Losing my mind!!
Comment by diptikmehta
December 17, 2013
Amazing Rachel!! Excellent job :) Could you please let me know what did put in your blast? I am on blood pressure medication and would love to reduce them or get off them. How many blast did you have every day? Also what kind changes you made in your lunch and dinner... sorry for so many question but would love to follow your path and get off my medication and lose weight thanks, Dipti
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