Becoming a Marathon Runner

Becoming a Marathon Runner

For years, I led a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle. In 2008, I weighed 300 pounds and had cancer. During my cancer treatment, I was unable to swallow and was fed through a feeding tube. I was tired, beat up, and I realized this was no way to live life. After my chemotherapy and radiation were complete and my cancer was in remission, I decided to make changes in my life.

The first change I made was in my diet and exercise, which was a pretty simple plan. My first walk was about 200 yards, but I was determined and made it a goal each day to go one telephone pole farther, which I did. I also decided that, when I was well enough to eat again, I would do my best to change my diet. This was the hard part.

The whole thing was a slow process; I guess it was an evolution, an ever-changing learning process. Fast forward five years to 2013, all the changes have been made, and I have run seven marathons, and I've lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. I was supposed to run the 2013 LA Marathon, but during training, I was injured and required surgery. I was unable to exercise as I wanted; I was eating everything in sight, and I had put on an extra 10 pounds. Even though I wasn’t running the marathon, I decided to go to the LA Marathon Expo.

NutriBullet was at the Expo demonstrating and selling the NutriBullet. My friend, whom I was with, had one, bought one for me and told me to try it. I took the NutriBullet home, read the information book that it came with, watched the infomercial on TV and tried it. I was amazed at how good everything was and how good I felt after having a smoothie. A month later, I'm down 15 pounds, I'm exercising again, and I look forward to each smoothie.

The NutriBullet is not a diet; it is not a fad; it is a choice you make each day to live a better life. By making small changes a little at a time, soon those small changes add up. You lose weight, you have more energy, you look better, and you feel better. There is nothing more encouraging than getting up in the morning and stepping on the scale and seeing the results. I love the NutriBullet!

My favorite smoothie contains the following:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Flaxseed
  • Raw Almonds
  • Blueberries
  • Sometimes I throw in some Pineapple or a few Strawberries
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Comment by tnn306
December 12, 2013
Great story Michael, very inspirational. I've just bought a Nutribullet last week (at nearly $A300 in Oz). But hearing stories like yours I now have faith it was a well investment for my health. Anthony.
Comment by rlzjr4jc
July 11, 2013
Love your testimony! How old were you when you ran your first marathon? I'm 46 and have run a few 5k's.
Comment by Rosie61
June 20, 2013
Great story of inspiration! I have a question about your blast, When you use things like Broccoli and carrots in your blast do you cook them first?
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