A Bit of Inspiration!

A Bit of Inspiration!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending NutriBulloza, the NutriBullet celebration at Mile 15 of the LA Marathon. Besides meeting some very enthusiastic and amazing NutriBullet team members, my hero David Wolfe was there to meet and share with the crowd. I credit him and the NutriBullet team for helping me to recover from cancer and for educating me on how to take control over my health.

The energy level at this event was off the charts! The NutriBullet team was there to support, encourage, educate and entertain the crowd and runners. I loved watching all of the people excited to try the NutriBullet and learn how they, too, can live a healthier lifestyle. I enjoyed listening (yes, I eavesdropped!) to conversations after people drank their NutriBlasts about how surprised and excited they were that these drinks, full of vegetables, were delicious and easy to consume.

For most of us, the NutriBullet is already a part of our lives. I met up with some fellow participants from the NutriBullet infomercial. It was surreal watching our segments play in front of so many people at this event. We stood and watched in amazement at what this product has done for us and how our lives have changed since taking part in the NutriBullet challenge for the infomercial. I found it truly inspirational that each one of us and our families continue to use it on a daily basis and continue to experience the benefits. That has to say a lot about this product.

The NutriBullet is helping people change their poor eating habits and helping them feel better. I think it's remarkable that the NutriBullet team and David Wolfe don’t just stop at the purchase of the product; they are dedicated to educating us about the best ingredients to use in our drinks to help us address a number of health issues. The NutriBullet Blog and NutriLiving provide us with regular updates on superfoods and other amazing health-related topics. They are an inspiration to everyone that has the opportunity to use this product!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Comment by nantogo
March 26, 2014
Very cool. I was a volunteer at mile 13. I wish i would have taken a minute to visit him.
my two daughters bought me a nutribullet for christmas and its the best gift i have ever had thanks suzan and andrene
Reply by Sandell
March 21, 2014
Sonia.. I am so glad that your happy with the bullitt..I am to....I bought it off of the tv, saw a commercial and BOOM, I called them up and purchased one.. My two sons' bought one after that, and so did my daughter. I talked a few of my friends' because they noticed how wonderful I was feeling, so they all ran out to buy one for themselves.
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