Biting Bad No More

Biting Bad No More

It happened! The NutriBullet changed me!

When I started these posts my goal was to find energy, which, at first, I was having a hard time with (or at least I thought I was.) The first two weeks, I kept eating the foods and following the plans and scratching my head. I didn’t feel the raw power surging through my veins. I wasn’t having any Popeye moments. No physical reactions that I noticed instantaneously, but then friends from out of town visited and out we went to a popular restaurant. I hadn’t had dairy or anything fried in almost three weeks, and I swear the minute I took that first bite I knew I was in trouble. I ate about a third of what was on my plate (a small portion indeed!), but I still felt like a bloated stuffed piglet. My boyfriend felt the same. Our stomachs began to hurt and our energy levels crashed faster than we could say, “Check, please!”

That’s when I knew we had entered a new realm of healthy eating. Our pallets are changing. We crave carrots and hummus now. Even during that time of the month, I find myself wanting apple slices and almond butter instead of mounds of chocolate and cupcakes from popular L.A. shops. If you would’ve told me I’d be that person, I would’ve laughed and then shoved a cupcake in your mouth to hush your nonsense.

I love what the Nutribullet is doing for my body. I love my salads even more. Smoothie creations have become my newest hobby. (You should try dark cherry, cacao powder, almonds, cashews, chia seeds and banana. Your mind will be blown!) I am no longer biting bad. I’m a health nut. One-hundred grams of feeling good, feeling great!

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