Blasting for My Cousin Kerrie

Blasting for My Cousin Kerrie

I wrote in a previous blog about a summer vacation I took to attend a family reunion in Minnesota. Besides reconnecting with my extended family, I was also able to introduce them to my newest family member – the NutriBullet. At first, they didn’t think the NB was all that special. But, after a couple rounds of my famous NutriBlasts, they all welcomed the NutriBullet with open arms – especially my cousin Kerrie.

Kerrie was very taken with the NutriBullet, but as the week progressed, she became a woman obsessed. After only a couple of days, she was already working NutriBlasts into her morning workout regimen. By the end of the week, she was singing its praises like a paid spokesperson. She decided that she had to get one of her own. She ordered it online along with express shipping so it would be waiting on her doorstep when she returned to Oklahoma.

When she arrived home, there it was shiny and new, in all its Nutri-glory. She ripped the package open and hit the ground running (she was already a pro from using it so much in Minnesota). The girl could not get enough and started creating her own recipes with combinations of fruits and vegetables that even I hadn’t thought up. She now sends me weekly text messages on her newest concoctions and on how the NutriBullet has really changed her life. She has all the added energy that comes with the NB and she isn’t hungry. The fruit and veggie NutriBlast do a great job filling you up. And the best part? She is noticing the inches/weight disappearing.

Kerrie is an avid runner and part of a women’s running club. Recently she sent me an email saying, “This morning after my run, my group told me they wanted me to stop running with them because I have too much energy. I said it was from my NutriBlast; it really does give me extra energy.” She also said she just started incorporating two NutriBlasts a day and loves it.

Here is one of her favorite NutriBlast recipes:

  • 1 Cup of kale
  • ½ Cup watermelon
  • Handful of grapes
  • Handful of blueberries
  • 3 Strawberries
  • 2 T of hemp seed
  • 2 T protein powder
  • 2 Ice cubes
  • Water to the line

Add all ingredients into the large NutriBullet cup and Blast – ENJOY!

Kerrie is a true example of just how the NB can change your life. It can make you look and feel better in just days. It also gets you excited to see what new things you can whip up. Kerrie has transformed her life thanks to the NutriBullet. She is now an unstoppable Nutri-nator!

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