Boost Your Energy with Superfood Energy Boost!

Boost Your Energy with Superfood Energy Boost!

Do you ever have those days where your energy is low and you need something to give you that extra pep in your step? NutriBullet has been working hard over the past year to develop a whole foods based formula to kick your energy level up a notch. Whether you need a little boost in the morning, are an athlete training for a competition and need more endurance or just want to add some more super foods to your diet, we have you covered with our NEW Superfood Energy Boost!

True to our roots, we have developed a Boost with whole food ingredients and no additives, chemicals or fillers. We have selected foods that will help your body perform at its highest potential and will make you feel alive!

Chia Seeds

If the Tarahumara Indian marathon runners who were introduced in the best selling book, Born to Run, thrive on chia seeds and if Aztec warriors relied on this “running food” to fuel their hunts and battles, then there must be something to this tiny functional superfood! Filled with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants, the mighty chia seed promotes lasting energy and endurance. In addition to these wonderful properties, the chia seed is able to form a gel by absorbing up to 10x its weight in water, carrying with it a beneficial amount of hydration. This gel-like property also helps slow down carbohydrate absorption to stabilize blood sugar levels and create long-lasting sustainable energy.

Organic Hemp Protein

We’ve all heard that protein is essential post workout, but what about as a pre-workout nutrient? Easily digestible hemp seeds make a fantastic complete protein source, meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids to help build cells and repair tissue. Consuming protein prior to exercise has been shown to increase muscle growth and post-workout calorie burn. The fatty acid profile of hemp seeds contains a desirable ratio of omega-3s and omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) lending anti-inflammatory benefits. What if you are just experiencing that afternoon slump? Protein provides a source of slow release energy, eliminating the rapid blood sugar shifts that most carb-heavy formulas produce.

Organic Green Tea Powder

Green tea has been widely touted for weight loss, cancer prevention, and beauty enhancement. However, its benefits reach into the athletic world as well! Green tea is abundant in antioxidants to help repair damaged muscle cells and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, byproducts of exercise. In addition, a slight touch of caffeine helps stimulate the body to boost performance.

Organic Guayusa Powder

Rich in antioxidants and caffeine, this native Amazonian tealeaf could provide just the spunk you need. Research shows that ingestion of caffeine pre-exercise increases plasma free fatty acid concentration, a source of fuel, and may increase aerobic endurance. In addition to caffeine, guayusa also contains the stimulating theobromine, like that found in raw cacao, and L-theanine, an amino acid shown to reduce physical and mental stress.

Organic Beetroot Powder

This liver cleansing root vegetable just might be the new hero when it comes to enhancing athletic performance. The dietary nitrites that have been praised for the beet’s heart health benefits has also been shown to reduce the amount of oxygen needed during exercise, making the body’s energy production significantly more efficient. Greater endurance using less oxygen? Sign me up!

Organic Maca Powder

Maca is originally from the Andes and is the highest altitude crop in the world. It is a true adaptogen: it helps us adapt to all different types of stress. Maca contains hormone precursors that help support endocrine system health, including the health of the hypothalamus (in the brain), the thyroid and the reproductive organs. It has also been shown to help with energy, mood, sleep, libido, and anxiety.

We have selected the finest ingredients in our Superfood Energy Boost and know you will love everything about it! Feel an immediate difference and know you using something that is healthy for your body! Cheers to your health!

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Comment by rondom
October 06, 2014
how is this superfood for either high blood pressure or high glucose?
Comment by Susymk
February 28, 2014
I would like to be sure there is no gluten in this! Pls let me know!
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