Can a Healthy Diet Reverse Multiple Sclerosis?

It's been known for decades now that a healthy diet low in saturated animal fat can help reverse symptoms of the autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis, but only now, after the invention of the MRI machine, can studies actually prove what's been known for a long time - thanks in large part to two doctors: Dr. Roy Swank and Dr. John McDougall.

Dr. Michael Greger of tells us more about the latest findings.

Thank you for the video relating to MS. My husband has chronic progressive MS and we at first started with Avonex shots and massive doses of liquid bagged steroids. He was actually worse. We followed this course of disaster for a short 6-month period. He quit all of his treatments and began his own course for healthy foods. Not being a red meat lover, he followed his own path and is doing wonderful! He, of course, still suffers from imbalance, neuropathy, and minor issues but compared to how he had suffered with the so-called medicine, he is doing impressively well and is totally ambulatory. Here, he was following the advice the low fat diet and did not even know about it! Bravo for bring this to the public eye. Now, my nutribullet system can even further help him with healthy in between drinks! I am even more excited now that I know a gift I bought for myself is now going to help my husband even further!
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