The Cancer Diet

The Cancer Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet after a cancer diagnosis and during treatment can help promote healing and manage side effects. While everyone is different, with different diagnoses and different treatment courses, some general suggestions could help you feel better during a difficult time.

Nausea: First, ask your treating doctor about incorporating certain anti-nausea medications into your treatment plan. These can be taken before heading into treatment to help minimize the nausea. Try eating a light meal before treatment. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Keep hard candy around. They actually have anti-nausea hard candy that most facilities sell now. They are inexpensive and really do help. See below for food suggestions.

Fatigue: Eat small meals throughout the day and incorporate a NutriBlast, if possible. Physical activity also helps minimize the fatigue. Walking is wonderful!

Constipation: In addition to stool softeners, eating foods high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, can help you manage this side effect. Please keep in mind that certain treatments have restrictions regarding fruits and vegetables, so CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR about which foods to avoid. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables are usually NOT recommended during chemotherapy due to contamination concerns. Frozen or canned is recommended.

Diarrhea: Be sure to drink plenty of fluids if diarrhea occurs. Avoid fatty foods, alcohol and caffeine. East foods high in protein and calories.

Dry Mouth: Gum and hard candies are helpful. Suck on ice cubes and avoid spicy and sugary foods.

Low White Blood Cells: Avoid uncooked foods, fresh veggies and fruit, fast food restaurants, salads and buffets. Avoid public places and fresh flowers.

NutriBullet recipes: Please check this site for some recipes to minimize these side effects with your NutriBullet. If you are going to use fresh produce, please make sure you scrub them well. Again, always check with your doctor first.They should have a list of foods to avoid during your cancer journey and ones that will help you address the side effects listed above and more.

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