Is Cancer Preventable?

Is Cancer Preventable?

In the past, it seemed people didn't pay as much attention to reports about the latest causes of cancer, because it appeared that just about everything from hair dryers to dinner plates were dangerous. It reached a point where people just rolled their eyes every time the newest cause of cancer had been discovered.

Well, here’s where it gets both interesting and disturbing: we're learning each day that certain foods and ingredients that we eat on a daily basis actually have a strong link to cancer growth. This is nothing to roll our eyes at! Current research says that many cancers are preventable if we make the necessary changes in our diet and lifestyle. I've basically become obsessed with this topic and my marriage almost ended in divorce when I asked my husband to eliminate certain cancer-causing foods from his diet. Fortunately, he's been surviving just fine without these foods and so is our marriage.

I'd like to share some basic information that both my cancer research hospital and several cancer websites have revealed and published over the past year. The following foods have all been linked to cancer and should be nixed from your diet.

Nitrates - Found in hot dogs, packaged deli meats and bacon. Nitrate-free options are now available in many stores.

Fried foods such doughnuts and French fries.

BBQ food that is cooked quickly and at a high heat releases a cancer-causing chemical. I'm not saying to avoid your annual neighborhood BBQ, but take the steps necessary to reduce this exposure by marinating your meat and using leaner, smaller cuts of meat. Maybe even ‘pre-cooking” the meat prior to placing it on the grill.

Trans Fat (Just bad for you for so many reasons!)


Altering the consumption of these foods is not that difficult anymore. Many stores have healthier alternatives.

This is just something to consider before you grab that all-too convenient donut on your way to work.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

It's so true. We hear so often about cancer causing agents yet ignore the research to suit our taste buds. Often times people think, " What will I eat?", they don't know how to change to an affordable proper diet. You have to re-educate yourself and begin menu planning to stand a chance. I have been blessed that my entire family has decided to avoid dangerous foods including our beloved meat choices we were raised on. The NutriBullet system, has made our transition so easy. We have been vegetarian for a month and are working towards organic whole food. As I know better, I do better...every week, it getting easier and easier to be healthy. Thanks!
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