Changing My Eating Frame of My Mind

Changing My Eating Frame of My Mind

Isn’t it just wonderful when you set a goal and attain or, better yet, exceed it? I think that the winning elements to accomplishing fitness-related goals are motivation and commitment. Some people have the desire and good intentions to reach their goals, but if the commitment is not there, then chances are any positive changes may not last.

When I began using the NutriBullet, I was at a point in my life where it was medically necessary for me to make a change in my eating habits. My dilemma was that I hated everything about vegetables, so I took baby steps and it paid off! What I love about using the NutriBullet is that it actually helped me transition to a clean eating lifestyle.

Altering eating habits can be a challenge. How many of us have tried fad diets to lose weight and end up exactly where we started? This is because the “diets” are temporary in many cases and really don’t teach us about the benefits of food. I felt brainwashed for years thinking that the way to keep weight off and stay healthy was to limit my food intake. We are learning now that this could not be further from the truth; it’s about making smarter choices when it comes to food.

As we continue to learn how food can help us avoid or fight illness, we should now have a heightened appreciation for that old saying “You are what you eat.” It couldn’t be any more simple and true. I wish it hadn’t taken 48 years for these words to sink in, but at least now I get it!

Never in a million years could I picture myself committing to living a life without packaged/processed food and my beloved sugary desserts, but thanks to regular use of my NutriBullet and the fact that I was ready and set to accomplish all of my health goals, I will never go back to my poor eating habits.

Happy Blasting!

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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