Changing My Tastes for Vegetables

Changing My Tastes for Vegetables

In my pre-NutriBullet life, I never considered eating a vegetable. I thought I was eating healthy when I would eat a processed, prepackaged salad. While I still seem to blame my parents for not teaching me the importance of eating my vegetables, in their defense, the thought that my eating habits were downright awful was always in the back of my mind. I could not stomach the thought of spinach or broccoli. My friends and husband used to comment that I should learn how to eat them. Learn how to eat a vegetable-what does that mean? Either a person likes them, or not.

Certainly the thought of drinking vegetables was not how I ever imagined incorporating them into my diet. Sometimes a life changing health crisis is what it takes to knock nutritional sense into a person and that’s what happened to me.

So 1 ½ years ago, I was a post-cancer patient desperate to eat anything and everything that was linked to cancer prevention. All information pointed to fruits and vegetables and ingredients high in antioxidants. I tried at first to eat the horrible green leafy things raw with tons of dressing on them to mask the taste. That didn’t fare well with my poor stomach, which had just been through 6 rounds of chemotherapy. I tried steaming the vegetables and the smell alone made me nauseous.

I was fortunate enough to find my way to the NutriBullet team who provided me with the tools and recipes to get me started. Okay, I have to admit that that first NutriBlast was a scary shade of green, but to my surprise, I didn’t taste the vegetables.

When I began experiencing the benefits of extracting fruits and vegetables (which were immediate), I was beyond excited. I didn’t stop there; I was determined to follow the transformation plan that came with my NutriBullet.

As my spouse has pointed out on a number of occasions, my transformation was nothing short of a miracle. I will admit that it did take months before I completely changed my diet from processed foods to just fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein. I am at a point where I feel that I am doing everything possible to make sure that my cancer doesn’t come back and that I can live a long and healthy life. This has truly been a life changing product for me and through my success, my close friends and family have begun their journey to better health and I am looking forward to watching their transformations.

I will no longer have any regrets when it comes to my eating habits. The NutriBullet turned out to be the perfect tool to help me make the transition from eating out of a bag to enjoying the taste of vegetables, something I never thought possible.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

I would advise everyone who is having a hard time with the green blasts to make sure to use about 2/3 greens/veggies and 1/3 fruit and make it frozen fruit. It really makes a big difference in the taste and texture of your blast. Use sweet fruits like berries, pineapple and mango. And don't be afraid to add a half a teaspoon of sugar, splenda, stevia, agave, pure maple syrup or your sweetener of choice until you get used to the taste of the veggies in your blast. Your tastebuds will adapt over time!!
I also, unfortunately, have an aversion to fruit, vegetables and salad and have purchased the bullet to try and get these essentials into my system. Two shakes down and I'm keen to keep trying to find one I'll like eventually. To a non vege eater actually letting these pass your lips is a big step - hopefully it will get easier. Great inspirational post - it's hard for lovers of all things green etc to understand how difficult it is to overcome the 'fear' associated with eating them. Onwards and upwards - you are on the right track, well done. sue
NutriLiving Shari Pack on May 10, 2013
Sue, you will find in time that it gets easier. Before you even realize it, you are craving your veggie and fruit drinks. My NutriBlasts are now mostly veggies. I still experiment with different ingredients. Keep up the good work. You will find the right combinations that you enjoy and it only gets better from there..:)
Comment by rene
April 14, 2013
Try adding some fruits with your greens apples, pineapples, mangoes that should help.
Comment by Diane-4
March 07, 2013
I guess I am still trying to find recipes that use green vegetables that taste good. So far the few that I have made has tasted like broccoli or brussel sprouts and I almost have to gag them down. Any help?
Comment by MichaelWade
February 04, 2013
Love this! Couldn't have said it better myself sans the cancer. My 1st Nutribullet was a scary color too! But I've been able to get them down without gagging (I really am surprised!) and hope to grow to love the taste of fruits and veggies. My body thanks me anyway. Thanks for writing this post.
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