Cleansing? How to Transition to a Healthier Diet

Cleansing? How to Transition to a Healthier Diet

New year, new you, right?

So many people start the new year off with a detoxifying cleanse after dealing with the weeks of stress, unhealthy eating and decreased physical activity that the holidays bring. If you haven't started detoxing your body - don't worry, there's still time! Once you begin, you should start to notice differences right away in your energy levels, mood, attitude, even appearance.

Let's face it. Starting a cleanse is the easy part. Keeping up good eating habits after the cleanse is over is much harder and often becomes the downfall of so many new year's resolutions.

Weekends are often the most difficult when sticking to a healthy eating plan. We often eat more food and make less healthy choices on the weekends when we don't have a work routine to keep us in check. So, how do you plan to overcome temptation?

Many of you have asked how to keep up healthy eating once your cleanse ends. Here are some key tips to keep in mind.

Transitioning to a healthy diet after a cleanse:

You’ll probably hit the grocery store soon after your cleanse to stock up on food for the following week. And, as you wonder what to buy, I strongly urge you not to resort to your old ways - if they were unhealthy, that is! Ease your way back into solid foods. A few tips:

  • Continue to NutriBlast for one meal. Most people enjoy a NutriBlast for breakfast, but any time that suits your schedule is perfect.
  • Be mindful of portions. You’ve been eating less food during the cleanse and your digestive system has been taking a bit of a rest, so it's best not to overload it with large quantities of food.
  • If you were doing the all liquid route - start slowly transitioning back to easy-to-digest solid foods. Try some steamed vegetables with a spritz of lemon and a side of chunky vegetable soup. (May not be gourmet, but it is only for one day and your body will thank you for it!) You may want to try some of the clean food recipes from the Cleanse. The Kale/Quinoa/Sweet potato dish is amazing! Toss in some black beans for added protein.
  • Choose recipes similar to the ones you enjoyed during the cleanse. You probably have some ingredients left over for some recipe experimenting.

After a day or two in your new routine, keep the “rules” in mind and try to choose healthier options more often:

  • Cook more; eat out less and reduce consumption of packaged products.
  • Eat less meat and more plants.
  • Dairy alternatives are less inflammatory than milk products.
  • Be mindful of sugars – they show up in the most unsuspecting foods (breads, crackers, condiments, pasta sauce, frozen meals, yogurt, flavored oatmeal, etc.)
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol (wait a week or more to re-introduce your happy hour toddy!) Alcohol is very toxic to a clean liver (or any liver for that matter).
  • If you are not gluten-intolerant, you may incorporate these grains in whole form
  • Goes without saying – If you smoke, stop!

If you plan to eat out, try to stick to a vegan option - try a soup or salad or plant-based dish, but if that's not available, then choose a lighter protein like fish. Keep clear of dairy for now if you plan to reintroduce it eventually - nothing will hurt your stomach more than a big cheesy pizza. And when you do, notice if it makes your stomach upset or if you feel less than stellar; do the same with any gluten-containing grains.

This is a time to be mindful of how your body reacts to food - it has been blessed with an abundance of nutritious foods during the 5 day cleanse and will most likely let you know when you introduce something that doesn't agree with it. Your body is a Porsche, not a pickup truck, so treat it as such!

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Comment by alee
January 29, 2014
two weeks of juicing 10 lbs. off ,feeling good not as hard as i thought it would be.wish me continued luck,peace annie
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February 03, 2014
was it full on all day juicing.. how many juices a day is appropriate when you do that and what kind of recipes are the best
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