Clear Head, Clear Skin

Clear Head, Clear Skin

I wish NutriBullet had existed when I was a kid. My mother would've had more hair since she pulled hers out trying to get me to eat right.

My kitchen NEVER had produce in it of any kind, not even a banana! We might have had one can of peas and carrots, but really that was pushing it. I simply could not choke produce down.

I lived on vitamins and supplement shakes to survive and they tasted awful. I’m (well, lets just say no longer 30 years old) and for the first time my body is happy and I feel FANTABULOUS thanks to the NutriBullet!

I've been making smoothies everything, including spinach, which you couldn't pay me to eat, but I will drink it with some berries and other goodies all day long!

Here is what I have noticed in my first 10 days of blending smoothies.

No more migraines-

I used to have them every other day and I even purchased black-out draperies. No light whatsoever; I would curl up like a vampire and pray for even a lunar eclipse. Now, I can actually go out and get some pretty curtains!

Dark spot on face and UV damage disappearing (Irish kid with a swimming pool-FYI not a good combo) -

This dark spot on my face, which I have hated for years, has almost vanished in 10 days. I deprived my body of all the vital nutrients that it needed for so long that I’m not surprised my body is now sponging every molecule of goodness up! Your body knows what it needs; you just have to give it what it needs.

Eczema’s clearing up-

Tortured my entire life by hot, acne-like eczema - and the dry itchy kind, too - I noticed that this is 80% gone. I know that there is no cure, but Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition, so if your body has the nutrients to combat the inflammation, VIOLA! Smooth supple skin. This dear NutriBullet has been heavenly! I even look younger!

I'm not just doing this to eat/consume things that are better for me, I am changing my lifestyle. Forever. And I'm committed 199% to that.

I'm documenting almost everything in a journal that I complete before bedtime and on Facebook, which means my friends see the posts and hold me accountable. It’s a great way to follow your success and be able at the end of the first year to look back and see how far you have come.

Thanks NutriBullet!

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Comment by Adele2047
September 11, 2015
Can any one share a receipe for eczema? Its for my 18 month old daughter!
Comment by rabbitgrandma
December 27, 2014
I too am an Irish kid with a similar story. Your article has been very encouraging! Thanks!
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