Cooking Food to Live Longer

Cooking Food to Live Longer

Do you eat healthier when you cook at home?

Home cooked meals contain less saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol than typical take-out, but now, more and more people are ditching home cooked meals for the speed and convenience of take-out. But eating more home cooked meals could potentially prevent the development of chronic diseases, like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Dr. Michael Greger of tells us more about the benefits of spending some time in the kitchen.

Comment by chipsmom
July 16, 2014
I'm lazy because I don't feel good. It's an effort to do much of anything. I've have my NB Pro for about 4 days now. Got one of my blood sugars down to a new low for me in about a year. It has helped my to feel more satiated so I don't eat as much. Love making tomato soup in the evening. Just tomato, small amount of onion, small piece of avocado (I hate avo so I hide it in the soup), chicken broth (don't have veg broth handy), seasonings like garlic powder, dill, or basil, small piece of lemon, maybe some pepper. Then BLAST. It gives me nutrition at night, I don't have to have fruit, which increases, my BS, and it's kind of a comfort food. Might improve it by adding almond milk. Anyway, I love the Pro. Happy Blasting!
so true, most people do not know how to cook from scratch anymore. But the word wide web is giving you all the instruction!!! So are we just to lazy? I am not a chef but I am fortunate enough to have a Italian friend who showed me you can eat from scratch with little effort. A pizza dough don't need much other than muscle strength to kneed the dough. And pasta is delicious with veggies instead of Alfredo sauce. (italians don't know what Alfredo sauce is in the first place) So get the cooking on. Sunday night is prep time for the whole week.
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