Coriander and Diabetes

Coriander and Diabetes

It's a common scenario. You enter your physician's office, tell him or her what's wrong, answer a few questions and leave with a new prescription or very little new information. Rarely does a patient tell their doctor everything they're taking and/or consuming. On the other hand, doctors don't often ask. So how can the consumption of essential oils affect your health?

Each can have a very specific effect. Corriander is a prime example!

Corriander, or Coriandrum sativum, is one such important essential oil that all patients should talk to their physician about. If you are applying, taking, or in some way using this oil, it can be affecting your blood sugar numbers.

Corriander is known as Chinese parsley, cilantro, dhania for the seeds and many other names. As far back in history as the Egyptian tombs of Rameses II and King Tut, coriander seeds were found stored as royalty’s bounty.

In modern times, studies on type 2 diabetes show that there is both insulin-releasing and insulin-like activity when coriander extract is consumed. This has a direct lowering effect on blood glucose.

Studies also showed fat-lowering results with the combined effects of reduced total cholesterol and triglycerides with increasing high-density lipoproteins.

Of course, more studies will be helpful. But in the meantime, prevent unexpected low blood glucose values by taking into consideration the intake of coriander with other diabetes and cholesterol medications.

But, wait! Don't avoid coriander altogether, as there are obvious positive results. So if you're taking diabetes medication, be aware of your daily coriander consumption. Having coriander in the diet daily as a spice and garnish may very well help both your blood glucose and blood lipids.

As always, discuss all supplements you are taking or plan to take with your doctor to prevent sudden or unexpected outcomes.

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

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