David Wolfe on Everyday Healing Foods

From flowers to strawberry leaves, we're showing you some foods you never knew you could eat!

NutriBullet RD Sarah Lefkowitz goes on a walk with longevity expert David Wolfe to discover some common, natural healing foods you may have never considered.

Longevity Expert, Certified Raw Nutrition Expert

Comment by FRANIE
February 02, 2015
Will be trying some of these garden foods in my nutribullet this garden season can't wait to try the strawberry leaves and the others mentioned in this video... who knew, wow!! thanks great info...
I agree, that was a great video. I just wrote down all these things and will add them to the garden in the spring.
Comment by RevMichael
January 23, 2014
so cool - didn't realize about the strawberry leaves - another that can be done to give a peppery taste is nasturtium leaves and/or flowers and pansy flowers
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