Dealing with an Iron Man's Health Issues

Dealing with an Iron Man's Health Issues

My brother Steve has been a body builder for over 30 years. He has always been extremely disciplined when it came to diet and nutrition. As a person whose main focus when working out was to “bulk up,” Steve naturally sought out the benefits of whey protein and has been consuming this regularly since he began his body building regimen.

But, sometimes too much of a good thing can end up being a not so good idea. While Steve attained his goals in body building, won titles and even opened up his own gym, his kidneys and liver were being overworked by the amount of this protein he had ingested over several years. This eventually led to some health concerns, specifically in how his kidneys and liver were functioning. And, despite being an avid workout enthusiast, Steve also began suffering from high blood pressure. His doctor recommended immediate attention to these health issues. Obviously, the first step was to eliminate the whey protein for a while, detox his liver and kidneys and to make diet (i.e. reducing red meat intake) and lifestyle changes that would help him reduce his blood pressure.

When Steve observed how quickly I bounced back using the NutriBullet after cancer treatment, he was anxious to use it to help him address these health concerns. He began using the NutriBullet 9 months ago. His NutriBlasts consist of mostly vegetables and one small piece of fruit. His favorite drinks are usually made up of broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, sprouts, celery and cucumber with flaxseeds and raw nuts. He is also a big fan of gogi berries (aren’t we all!)

The first and immediate noticeable benefit was the increased energy. Since Steve works 12 hour days, he was thrilled that he was able to maintain his energy levels. As the months passed, he began feeling better. We're both very excited because his doctor just informed him that his kidney function has returned to normal and his blood pressure has stabilized in a safe zone and he has been taken off of his medication. His lifestyle changes have definitely paid off.

The intention here is not to scare people away from using protein powder additives to your NutriBlasts; I use them on occasion after my workout routine, too. Everyone is different. We just need to be mindful that even with the best of health and fitness intentions, too much of something that we may think is good for us could have adverse effects when not used as directed or when used for too long. It’s always best to research and discuss the benefits of certain processed ingredients or supplements with our doctors before we add them into our regular diet.

I am proud of my brother for his efforts and in recognizing that the NutriBullet could be a valuable tool in improving his overall health.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

Comment by Milan
June 09, 2013
What I noticed in the photo of both of you is the clarity of the whites of your eyes and the excellent skin. All the cosmetics in the world cannot create that. That is good healthy living. Good work to both of you. Continue your mission.
NutriLiving Shari Pack on June 10, 2013
Thank you so much Milan. It's funny that one of the first positive comments that I received after using the NutriBullet was that my eyes were much whiter! :)
Comment by jimii2
May 14, 2013
Steve that’s an excellent Testimony! I am amazed at the way the NutriBullet always makes a healthy person healthier and how you overcame your health issues with it. Now armed with the NutriBullet combined with a “Survivor’s genetics” your “Iron Man Armor” no longer has a venerable chink in it! This is really great information for fitness folks to be aware of, thanks! -Jimii
Good for him. He looks familiar. What city are yall in
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