Diabetic? How the 180 Cleanse is Just Right for YOU!

Diabetic? How the 180 Cleanse is Just Right for YOU!

So you may have already seen the wonderful New Year 180 Cleanse program that NutriLiving has put together for us.

If you have, I hope you have asked yourself, As a diabetic, is this safe for me?

Well, let me, the Certified Diabetes Educator, reassure you, YES, IT IS!!!

It's a wonderful program intended to provide balance and a vast array of nutrients to ensure high fiber, a reduction of processed, high-calorie foods and the addition of many naturally colorful choices, which all of us need - especially if diabetes is in the picture.

The ultimate goal of the cleanse is to create the opportunities to consume more fruits and vegetables that enable our bodies to thrive and recover from the day-to-day stresses of life.

Hopefully, as you embark on this program, you will also find yourself engaging in more exercise and social activities that will highlight the beauty of ringing in a new year. After all, each positive step toward health and wellness brings yet another positive step.

One major concern I've been noticing is not being able to acquire or afford all of the ingredients needed in The 180 Cleanse.

An easy fix, don't buy all of the ingredients!

Don’t use this as an excuse to avoid the 5-Day Cleanse. It is absolutely not necessary to have every single ingredient to be successful. Engagement is key!

Also, remember: if you choose less expensive options and substitutions for some of the ingredients, you will not go POOF at midnight of the 5th day and receive a notification of failure to comply.

Communicate with NutriLiving experts about the options you might consider if you do not have one of the ingredients or if you have allergies. They are experts in their field and are very happy to support your 2015 Cleanse.

Do your best, try your hardest. Use what you have and add to it as you can. As kids, we made do and were creative. This was part of the magic of being a kid! Don’t be afraid of this as an adult. You may be more successful because you try harder as you try to make up for having fewer resources.

So, everyone with diabetes, let’s do the cleanse this 2015!

If we follow it closely, there should be no issues with low blood sugars. However, what if you do experience a low blood sugar? As we know, anytime you change up a routine, there is the possibility of experiencing a low blood sugar. Therefore, I am asking you to be prepared.

Are you prepared?

Do you keep your glucometer with you? This is a great idea for every person with diabetes.

Do you have a source of 15 grams of fast carbohydrate?

What is 15 grams of fast carbohydrate?

  • 3 hard candies/or 3 glucose tablets
  • 4 ounce container of juice
  • 1 tiny pouch of honey or jelly, like you'd get from restaurant or diner
  • ¼ of a regular soda

Where should you have these located?

  • Night stand
  • Purse/on your person
  • Vehicle glove compartment
  • Work desk

What do you want to do after having the carbohydrate load?

  • Re-test in 15 minutes
  • Have a meal container 30-45 grams of carbohydrate, protein and fiber
  • Re-test periodically
  • Avoid eating empty carbohydrates and overeating

Good luck! You now know all there is to know about how to handle the cleanse this New Year. Don't let anything stop you from being the healthiest you you can be!

Happy New Year!

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

I like this advice as I have low blood sugar and am going to do this !!
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