Diet and Get Fatter? Part 1

Diet and Get Fatter? Part 1

Yes, NutriBlasters, it sound’s like I have flipped out! Someone call the shrink for Wally!

Not so fast! - I promise you, it’s the truth. Do you know of anyone that is 30 pounds or more overweight and has only been on one diet? I don't. I wish I could convince everyone that dieting is not the answer. Most people just will not listen and they fail. I hope like crazy you listen to me!

The term 'diet' really encompasses all the foods you consume. However, we also use the word 'diet' to mean a temporary change to our present eating pattern or dietary routines in order to lose weight or improve our health. Then we usually go back to our old dietary ways.

Does it make logical sense to make a change in your diet and then once your goal is reached return to the dietary routine that cause the weight gain or health issue in the first place? NO! Of course not! But this is what most people do, and they do it over and over and over. I did, too, until I discovered that dieting was really the reason I was failing. I would diet and lose 50 pounds. Then I would return to my past way of eating and gain 70 pounds, lose 70 and then gain another 90 pounds. Does this sound like it works? This type of approach is harmful and filled with failure. I must confess - I was a yo-yo dieter.

If you are trying to lose weight, like most people, you're probably going about in all the wrong ways. Most people get so stressed about the commitment to losing weight, the stress alone sabotages the plan. You will most likely choose a plan or approach that you hope will get you results very quickly because you want to get it over with, right? Or you pick the diet that requires little change because you just can’t fathom getting rid of some of your favorite foods or getting off the couch and exercising, right?

You deprive yourself of good flavors and starve yourselves to the point of quitting and, a few months or a year later, you start over.

By the way, I'd always say my metabolism was the reason I couldn’t lose weight. That’s simply not true. Unless you've been diagnosed with a medical condition, you do not have any excuse! It may make losing weight slower when starting out, but healthy living will turn that metabolism way up! Except for a very small number of those with thyroid disease, healthier eating will make losing weight a more permanent fixture in your life; and even if you do have a thyroid condition, healthy eating can improve your weight dramatically. Now, my metabolism is running like a Corvette instead of a mini-van.

The rest of the story later!

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