DIY Natural Face Scrub

NutriBullet RD Sarah Lefkowitz joins us with a special NutriBullet recipe that'll help get your face soft and glowing.

Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Comment by tabbrown67
October 14, 2015
I made the facial scrub and it seemed to leave my face a little smoother. I have some bad acne on my face and neck. I made mine a little runny but it still seemed to work okay. Just wondering how long it keeps and hoe to store it. Refridgerate or not. Thanks for the scrub.
Comment by mailroommary
February 14, 2014
I can't wait to try this. Once I'm done with my face I could probably just eat the rest as a healthy snack!
Comment by Cathy65202
February 14, 2014
A few questions,please: 1. how many applications does this make; 2. does it need to be refrigerated; 3. if needs refrigeration, does it need to be taken out and brought to room temp before next application; and 4. what is the shelf life? Thank you.
Reply by SarahLefkowitzRD
February 17, 2014
It makes about 3-4 applications, you can store it in the fridge for a couple days before its potency decreases. Make sure you seal it with an airtight lid to prevent further oxidation. You can half the recipe to make a little less if you are concerned about making too much. Good luck with the mask, keep me posted. It made my skin feel great!
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