Do You Skip Breakfast? Top 5 Reasons Not To!

Do You Skip Breakfast? Top 5 Reasons Not To!

Every day you skip breakfast. Day after day, excuse after excuse. Well, if you're diabetic, skipping breakfast could be detrimental to your health.

There is overwhelmingly convincing evidence that shows skipping breakfast can be directly responsible for the following diabetic complications:

  1. Perpetually elevated fasting blood sugars with no resolution
  2. Low blood sugars for those who run out of carbohydrate stores
  3. Muscles make carbohydrates to keep the brain functioning, leading to muscle loss
  4. Overall higher body weight with overall more daily calories consumed

So we're saying, no more! Stop skipping breakfast! Whether you're diabetic or not, breakfast continues to be the most important meal of the day and here's how you can start having it each and every day - no excuses!

1. You're in a hurry.

You've got kids to worry about, traffic is crazy and you've got to get to work. Let’s do something about all of these in one easy step and still manage to get breakfast in!

Plan and prepare something very small in advance. That's all it takes!

Your NutriBlasts can be prepared in advance and frozen or put in the refrigerator. You can also pack your cup and just extract - a fast 20 seconds - first thing in the morning. Or have some soup! Puree it in your NutriBullet the night before and store in the fridge in a microwave-safe cup. Microwave first thing in the morning and you're ready to eat. The options are endless and breakfast can always be a breeze with a tiny bit of prep work.

2. Your fasting blood sugars are high.

Evidence shows that by having as little as 15 grams (one serving of carbohydrate) in the morning, your liver will stop pumping out that extra sugar. This will allow an elevated fasting blood sugar to start coming down.

Optimally, one ounce of protein with this serving of carbohydrate will complete your balanced meal. A perfect example: half a banana and an ounce of almonds. Done!

3. You want to build muscle.

Skipping breakfast can actually contribute to muscle loss. This is because once you use up your carbohydrate reserves, your body turns to your muscles for carbohydrates to keep the brain running. Your body starts to deplete the muscles to keep the system running. That's why it isn't uncommon to see a large diabetic with minimal muscle mass. Eating breakfast and maintaining a consistent meal pattern is an important part of preserving lean muscle mass.

4. Not a breakfast person?

Cold food is typically better tolerated than warm or hot food first thing in the morning. It is also very important to understand that many diabetes medications are intended to kick in around meal time. Therefore, if your medication kicks in around lunch time, and you have skipped breakfast, and your day has been hectic, and lunch gets pushed back, and your diabetes medicine kicks in, there's no doubt you're going to have a low!

This low can be the start of a bad blood sugar day, so organize from the very beginning. Start with a 15 gram bite of carbohydrate with about 7 grams of protein. This might be the bite of a snack bar or a single gulp of a smoothie you made the night before. If you're not a breakfast person, it doesn't have to be a “sit-down” breakfast meal that you prepared, cooked, ate, cleaned, and then had to recover from. A bite or a gulp and then go!

5. You're trying to lose weight.

Your body is like a camp fire that you feed small amounts of kindling to in order to keep it red hot. If you fail to feed your body frequently, it slows way down and saves its energy, causing you to gain weight.

Try eating small amounts of high fiber foods frequently to keep your body burning calories at the perfect pace. Those who don't eat breakfast tend to eat more total calories in a day than those who do.

The wonderful thing about NutriBullet? There are too many wonderful recipes you can have for breakfast to list. You can probably have a different breakfast every single morning of our life, so get started!

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

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