The Dreaded M-word

The Dreaded M-word

I’ve had to deal with my share of health issues in my life, but one obstacle that I was hoping to avoid was a problem with my weight. While for most of my life, my weight did fluctuate by 10 or 15 lbs., I'm on the taller side so I've able to hide any extra pounds pretty well. What I was not prepared for were the effects of the dreaded “M” word… yes, I'm talking about Menopause.

After going into what I believe was an early menopause at the age of 45, I was shocked at the difference in my metabolism and the changes in my body and I had no idea why I always felt like I was about to spontaneously combust. There are not enough books or videos on the subject of menopause to really prepare a woman for what’s about to happen to her body. I soon found myself weighing 40 lbs. more than what I weighed on my wedding day and the weight was no longer evenly distributed like it was when I gained weight at a younger age. I started to get what appeared to be a blob like creature attached to my stomach, and the last straw were the “cankles.” The hot flashes were so bad that I was forced into keeping a small towel and a hand-held fan with me at all times.

We all know that when we are feeling poorly about ourselves both physically and emotionally, it affects the people close to us. I couldn’t take it anymore and I’m pretty certain that my husband felt the same way. No amount of dieting or popular over-the-counter hormonal supplements helped me.

When I began the Nutribullet program, my main goal was to feel better and have more energy. I was determined to follow the recipes and the program guide that provides the best food combinations to consume at a meal. I also used one of the recommended boosts - maca powder - which I had never heard of until I started using the NutiBullet. Within the first week, I lost 5 lbs. in addition to feeling pretty darn amazing. Then, the hot flashes began to subside.

After two months, I was back to wearing my 'skinny' clothes and ¾ of my purse no longer was taken up by a sweat towel and a fan. It has been almost 9 months since I incorporated the Nutribullet into my daily routine and I am happy to report that my weight has stabilized, I no longer experience severe hot flashes, and my husband no longer has to put up with crazy menopausal symptoms.

Whatever your reasons are for purchasing the NutriBullet, you will find that you will get so much more than what you hoped for and all it takes is a commitment to feeling better inside and out.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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