A Dream Board Dream Come True

A Dream Board Dream Come True

Here’s a funny story. Every year around my birthday in late January, I make a dream board. I cut out photos and saying that inspire me from all kinds of magazines and then pin them on a corkboard into a collage-like arrangement that I then hang in my office to keep my goals top of mind.

Well, this past year, I put a rather odd image on my dream board. It’s a big clear glass bottle that’s full of exotic fruits and plants. When I put the image in my dream board, I had no idea what it really meant for my life, other than that I thought it was beautiful and that I’m really committed to eating a healthy diet. For some reason, the image just spoke to me, and I had to include it. But for what specific reason? I knew not.

Fast forward to a week ago. I was making my first Jumpin’ Ginger NutriBlast. In my cup went carrots, ginger and fruit. I covered it with water, and then went to go take a photo of it before I blended it up because it was just so darn pretty in my cup! And that’s when it dawned on me that my little glass bottle full of produce on my dream board wasn’t just pretty — it was a dream realized!

The Jumpin’ Ginger Nutriblast I had in my hand didn’t look exactly like the image on my dream board, but it was close enough to make me stop, say “Wow,” and be incredibly grateful for this new gadget in my life. It took me months to realize it, but every day (because I make a NutriBullet at least once a day!) I reach one of my goals. Talk about amazing!

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