Easing Digestive Woes

Easing Digestive Woes

ANOTHER DAGNABIT GIMMICK - or so I thought when I first saw the infomercial for the NutriBullet. Then, I watched it again and again. I started setting my clock to wake up in the middle of the night just to watch it. I would post my thoughts of purchasing the NutriBullet on my FaceBook page just to get feedback and inspiration and to read other people's testimonies and victories with the NutriBullet. Of course, I also read negative input that could have (and almost did) plant seeds of doubt in my head.

I was finally able to get mine in January of 2013, but it stayed on my counter untouched for two months! Why? FEAR! Fear it wouldn’t work for me as it had for others. Fear I had too many health issues for this one machine to work, especially with all the medications I had been on.

Many are battling cancer, one the worst of all health enemies, obesity and organ malfunctions, high blood pressure and diabetes. The stories are endless and mine is no different. At the age of forty-four, my adversities are fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s-thyroidism, history of lupus (that may be back according to recent blood work showing high inflammation), hysterectomy, hormone patches for ten years as a result of the hysterectomy, degenerative disk disease in my back, clinical depression, stomach ulcers, inflammation, and acid reflux. I’ve had three hip surgeries due to hip dysplasia and will soon need total hip replacement. My adversities don’t in any way comparable to some of the more severe illnesses many people face, but this is my story. This is what I wake up to and go to bed with.

I tried a certain type of alkaline, antioxidant water that put me down for two weeks. Was it a bad thing? I don’t know… I was told it targeted the weakest area of my body: my lungs. It had me to the point where I couldn’t breathe properly and developed anxiety. I was told the pH was too high, which made me detox too fast. That’s not what I was looking for. I wanted to fight these illnesses, but be able to carry on with life while doing it.

I looked through the recipe book that comes with the NutriBullet and was amazed at how it not only provides delicious recipes, but it also categorizes the recipes based on their benefits for each system of your body so you don't have to guess at what’s needed. I was a bit overwhelmed at first and didn’t know where to start. I even asked for suggestions on FaceBook and got many ideas.

I started with the main recipe: a banana, kale, spinach, cherries, the Nutriliving Superfood Superboost, and almond milk. That first day, after about an hour or so, I was in the bathroom and didn’t think I was going to stop! Gross! A healthy gross, though! I was amazed.

People won’t even talk about this, but we should because it’s a culprit that has the potential to make us take a dirt nap sooner than later. The sad thing was, I went to the doctor for my back and guess what showed up? The nurse came into my room and said, “Your ex-rays are fine, but YOU’RE FULL OF POOP!” I think the whole office would have heard her if the door hadn’t been closed!

I have medication now that I’m supposed to take for that, but it doesn't even do half the job this one smoothie did in one trip to the bathroom! A small step, MAYBE, but I needed that! I felt lighter and energetic, but I didn’t push it. That was a Monday. I waited until Wednesday for my next smoothie. Same thing. Then I gave some to my husband. Now he’s addicted!

I’ve only been able to do this every other day, but I have seen increased energy; I even walked my granddaughter to the park and rode her around on my son’s bike! I haven’t been on a bike in ages! The biggest thing I really noticed is that drinking smoothies has given my digestive system a break from having to break down food so much. Three weeks later, I noticed after eating barbecue pork ribs, I was able to break it down and head straight to the bathroom THAT SAME DAY! That’s a huge break through for me! Just being able to do that is an achievement.

I’ve added other things to my smoothies, such as natural honey and cinnamon, as well as other types of fruits. I look forward to increasing my grocery list to be able to work on each adversity I’m dealing with. Am I 100%? Not by a long shot! I didn’t get this way overnight. You have to crawl before you walk and that’s what I’m doing.

Thank You NutriBullet!

-Annette S.

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Comment by bboese
May 23, 2015
I am not able to digest raw veggies, can you tell me if veggies are easier to digest after blasting them?
Comment by chickens
January 30, 2015
Can you tell me what the recipe is for the nutriblast you made that cleaned you out. I, too, have MS. And I have been going thru this bowel issue for 5 years and it's just getting worse. Nothing seems to be working.
Comment by tessamess67
January 04, 2015
i think i might have the same issue with my back. i do intermittent fasting. when i fast, and just drink water, all my pain goes away. when i eat, vegan..and not a lot, the pain returns. it feels like my colon pushes on my spine or something and i asked the doc about it( in the ER I was in so much pain!) they said it was not possible. my son got me a nutribullet for christmas. I have to use it a bit more I think :)
Reply by jaa1052
July 11, 2015
I have just ordered nutribullet . Your description of feeling like your colon pushes on your spine is an exact description of how I feel sometimes. The pain is severe but doctors say it is not related. At least one person knows what I occasionally feel. Thanks. Looking forward to starting program. I deal with IBS
Comment by StephanieE
October 09, 2014
Thank you for sharing your journey. I am battling some of the same issues, at 45...I started blasting two days ago and I can feel the increase of entergy and the decrease of FMS flares. Hopefully, wen I go for my check up, my inflammation is gone. I thank God for your insight and I thank him for answering my prayers, especially my health. Be blessed. Stephanie E Mccomb, MS
Comment by papita
June 24, 2013
Fantastic! Stick with it. Check out Green Smoothies (in the search box) and even on Amazon.com. There are tons of recipes out there. Then, look up Inflammation and Nutrition. Inflammation and msg. And, most of all look up "msgmyth.com to find out what to stay away from, why to stay away from it, and read testimonies of those that started their paths to recovery. You're ahead of the game making smoothies. Once I started on the Green Smoothies it seemed to kick my thyroid into working order, along with thyroid support pills and liquid iodine plus, so the metabolism is working and I'm finally losing weight. This is the best thing to hit the market!
Reply by Suse38
May 15, 2015
Can any one suggest a nutra bullit smoothie to end my extreme constipation? I've been making green smoothies for months I feel more energies but developed this problem now. I stopped using green veggies ( Kale & Spinach) for a week,no change. No changes.in my meds. have occurred . I go every day but only produce Rabbit pellet
Reply by jtmiller
June 15, 2015
Also consider checking in with your doctor to make sure there isn't anything else going on with your gut/colon.
Reply by jtmiller
June 15, 2015
I would go back to the leafy greens, but significantly increase your water intake *separate* from the smoothies. Increasing your water intake will definitely help. as well as decreasing caffeinated beverages which have a diuretic effect (causing you to urinate, and lose the fluids you're trying to increase in the first place! Also there's a general rule out there in nursing- move the body, move the gut. I can't say enough about what even getting out for a simple walk can do. Starting with the bullet can cause backup and bloat (read right out of the book that came with the bullet). If your system isn't used to so much fiber, it might be overwhelming to the GI tract.
Thanks for such a great testimony to the benefits of nutriblasting! I wish you continued success and good health.
i was the same way...seeing the infomercial, i thought..."here's another one" but i bought one anyway, knowing that i REALLY needed this...but i didnt wait 2months to use it, lol...the next day after it arrived...since then i blast once in the morning and i've been able to notice a slight energy boost during the day and not only that but my metabolism is improved...im wanting to eat better and better.....also too, being a Crohns patient, eating the raw fruits and veggies we are required, is difficult for my digestive system and this blasting machine makes it a new world, tons better for me...now im getting the nutrients i NEED and getting onto the path of healthier living
Great posting Annette! May you continue on a healthy path. I wholeheartedly understand exactly what you are saying. The last week or so I hit a dead lazy patch and definitely noticed a difference in my system and energy level because I was not blasting! Again, Good Luck!
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