Eat More Nuts, Live Longer?

We already know eating more nuts can help prevent heart disease, but a new Harvard study showed that those who ate more nuts actually lived significantly longer, too.

Dr. Michael Greger of, explains how just a few servings of nuts per week can help young and old alike increase their longevity.

Comment by Barbara's
August 21, 2014
I like walnuts and almonds . Both are good choices for health. I put about 10 of either one in my Nutribullet every day!
Comment by katcorby
August 11, 2014
what kind of nuts are better for me to eat?Can I put them in the nuti bullet?
I really like almonds, there has been a lot of research done with almonds and their effects on lipid profiles. Eating a handful of almonds per day can help lower cholesterol and can help keep you full, decreasing your total caloric intake throughout the day.
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