Eating Healthy on a Budget

People often say that eating healthy is expensive - fast, nutritionally-lacking foods are cheaper than their healthier fruit and veggie counterparts. But, according to the USDA, that isn't exactly true. In the end, it depends on how you're measuring cost - per calorie, junk food is cheaper, but per pound or per serving size, it turns out fruits and veggies actually are cheaper! Dr. Michael Greger of tells us more.

Comment by Milan
June 09, 2013
If you go to a standard supermarket you will find all the foods on sale are garbage. Any parent that is grabbing huge bags of chips, boxes of soda and prepackaged/processed foods just because they are on sale is poisoning their family. Take the time to walk the outer isles for fruits and vegetables in season because they cost less. I will pay a little extra for a tiny pack of organic meat (that does not have hormones added) over a mega pack of "fluffy" chicken on sale. A stick of real butter is worth my money over a plastic pot of spreadable yellow goo. Real orange juice that you can blend yourself tastes better than a gallon of Sunny Delight. Just because it is on sale does not mean you have to buy it. In the end your doctor bills will be lower thus saving you money.
Absolutely. I get fruit and veggies which I then freeze for my smoothies. Went back to real butter some time ago. Stopped the sugar loaded juices a long time ago too. Learned to enjoy food I had not considered before. Love butternut squash which I never tried before this year. Just saw a recipe for cauliflower "rice" (grated cauliflower)that I can't wait to try. I buy from local farmer's markets and also buy organic as much as I can.
Comment by Jo-Ann
May 28, 2013
Never heard it explained like that before!
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