Eating Right After 10 Years

Eating Right After 10 Years

Special thanks from a cancer survivor!!

THANK YOU, NutriBullet, for giving me my fruits, veggies, energy and life back!! For almost 10 years, I have been denying my body the important nutrients that fruits and veggies provide. It was NOT my choice, but rather a situation that I was forced to deal with.

I am a cancer survivor; the affects of the surgeries that saved my life had a HUGE impact on me. I had a Hemicolectomy - a procedure that removed about 3 feet of my colon to prevent any further spreading of cancer cells from a very rare Carcinoid Tumor that had grown in my appendix. When you are alive and cancer-free, giving up things such as particular foods is easy; you're just happy to be alive.

Now, almost 10 years later (and still cancer-free), my body is dealing with the effects of not having proper nutrients. In my case, I'm not able to break down the foods that my body needs. The NutriBullet has given me back that ability and, in turn, has given me back a whole new world of possibilities for foods that have been on my ‘Naughty List’ for a long time.

I can’t thank you enough!!! This is more than a cute little machine that sits in my NutriBullet station on my counter; this is a lifestyle now for me. I have energy, I can get through my day with a better sense of accomplishment, my skin is clear and my digestive tract is actually on track.


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Congrats Stacy !! I too am a 10 year survivor of colon cancer. I was eating healthy and then fell in a very deep ditch. You inspire me to get back on track.
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