The Emotional Benefits of NutriBlasting

The Emotional Benefits of NutriBlasting

It's a known fact that when a person has faced a serious illness or has survived a traumatic event in their lives that their senses reach a new level and there is an overwhelming appreciation for just about everything. Suddenly, you notice the beautiful clouds in the sky, the trees are greener, you notice the scent of spring in the air and even food tastes better! It’s sounds oversentimental, but it's true!

I never took life for granted, but I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings. Like most people, I used to go about my day, made my coffee and/or tea, ate mostly the same type of foods and did the same exercise routine. After being diagnosed and battling cancer, this strange heightened sensitivity to my environment began to take place.

Why is it that for many of us, something traumatic has to happen in our life in order for us to really take the time to appreciate everything around us?

Current research on this topic shows that there are outstanding benefits to a person’s overall emotional well-being when we actually take a moment to notice and appreciate certain routine tasks. So I decided to take the time and break down the process of preparing my NutriBlasts. This may sound ridiculous at first, but it really works. It’s an amazing feeling when you pay attention to the beautiful colors and scents of your fruits and vegetables while you're throwing them into your NutriBullet cup. You know that you're doing something good for yourself; that alone should put a smile on your face! Take it one step further and sit down for a moment and recognize and appreciate the different tastes in your drink. Afterward, you will feel happy, calmer and more energetic.

Everyone leads a busy life and you don’t always have time to stop and smell the roses, but just try to slow down a little bit once in a while and really absorb the benefits of certain routine tasks. Absorb all the beautiful things and people that are surrounding you in your life. You'll find that it actually does make you feel a sense of happiness and accomplishment.

Original NutriBullet Show Testimonial, Cancer Survivor

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